Saturday, October 30, 2010

Halloween Spirit!

Have some Halloween Spirit! If you're not one of those people who likes to get dressed up, then at least buy some candy to give to those who are out there in their costumes trick-or-treating. Maybe you're one of those trick-or-treaters. Or maybe you're not such a kid anymore and are going to a Halloween party! Regardless, have some Halloween spirit. Go all out! Do your make-up to fit your costume, having only lipstick on is not enough! This holiday only comes around once a year, let's make the best of it!

This is what I am for Halloween, a MUMMY! it's supposed to be a sexy mummy costume, but that's no fun! Mummies are dead, so i needed to make myself look dead, but at the same time not scare everyone away. Yes, as you can see I went all out! Not many people do these days, but that's what Halloween is all about!

Be creative, even make your own costume if you can! Halloween is personally my favorite holiday. You get to show everyone how creative you are, you get to look scary, sexy, pretty, princess-y, or whatever you choose. You can eat all the candy your tummy desires! And best of all, you get to have lots of fun!

So go out there, and show everyone how much Halloween spirit you have!

Happy Halloween!
Be safe! and hopefully it won't be too cold out!

scary mumminess and a dead looking me, 

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