Sunday, January 30, 2011

The day of the neverending snowstorm!

My sister and I had a hair appointment at the hair salon on Jan. 27. Since the school semester started up again Jan. 28, we wanted to get everything done before school. So we had the appointment made like a month ahead of time because they were fully booked.

So it was the day of the snowstorm. My parents wouldn't let me drive because they said the streets were really bad, so our daddy drove us to the mall. This is what the streets looked like on the way there...
I didn't think it was too bad, until we drove further down and ended up getting STUCK in the snow. and had to PUSH the car out. My car doesn't have four wheel drive... it just has front wheel drive. I don't even know why we took my car instead of taking my moms which has four wheel drive. 

SO we got stuck in the snow. My sister and I had to push the car forward. We couldn't go froward or backwards without pushing it. But if we went backwards we'd end up on the main street again and get run over. haha not really because everyone was driving super slow. But still. had to push the car forward. Later my dad switched with me and had me go in the car and press the gas while he and my sister pushed. By turning the wheels a certain way we were able to go forward into someones driveway, and then i directed my dad out telling him when he could go while no cars were going on the mainstreet. He couldn't stop or we'd get stuck again so I had to run into my car while it was moving. It was actually kinda fun. !

We eventually reached the mall, only to find out the hair salon was CLOSED. No one bothered to call us, And the mall was also like empty. There was one person like a mile away!

We later went to Home Depot to pick out a paint color for the walls in the kitchen. My sister and I picked out a tropical coral. It's a pinkish orange and it's really bright. my dad said okay. AND when we got home, my mom hated it. She complains about the color every day now. But everyone else likes it so oh well. 

We also went to target because my dad had to return sometthing. And they wouldn't let him return it. They were very mean. 

Wal-mart was fun too ... except that i couldn't find justin bieber's nail collection by OPI. they were all sold out. and i just wanted to see the colors.

Hmm what else. Guess there's not much else. 

But here's a LESSON for the day.
DON'T GO OUT IN A SNOWSTORM WITHOUT A FOUR WHEEL DRIVE CAR! and if you do, well there's probably some other fun adventures to come!

piles of snow,
xoxo Lina

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

2,500 subscribers!! WHAT?!

I want to thank you all so much for supporting me through my journey on youtube. Many of you have been with me from the very beginning and saw all of those crappy videos i used to have, BUT you subscribed anyway because you all believed in me!

So now i'm at 2,500 subscribers, and that's just so very exciting to me! I got to this point in 5 months which i thought would take me years. SO THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!

Here is a contest for my lovely supporters. Watch the video to see the prizes!! And i'm so sorry, but this is going to be a US only contest. I'm so sorry for all of my international supporters, but i do thank you all!

And requirements are:


2. Follow me on twitter
Subscribe to this blog
Join me on facebook
(you only have to do one of the three, but all three would make me VERY happy!)

3. If you're under the age of 18, you MUST have your parents' PERMISSION! i don't need them to e-mail me or send me a letter, i'm trusting you that you asked them. That way, when i need your address and i send you your prize, your parents don't think i'm a creeper. 

4. Comment below the video and tell me something you like about me or my youtube channel. COmment as many times as you'd like, but each comment has to be DIFFERENT. otherwise it'll be counted as spam. and with too much spam on a video, youtube can and will delete it. 

Sunday, January 23, 2011

No more chapped lips!

It's winter season, so I know all of us are probably going to get chapped lips at some point. We can wear hats for our ears, gloves for our hands, but there's nothing we can wear on our lips to protect them from the cold and the wind. and as a result, we get ugly dry chapped lips. 

So to help you guys with that, and to make this easy on your wallet, and as natural as possible, I made a DIY lip scrub (exfoliator) video for you guys! ENJOY!

Soft, kissable lips,
xoxo Lina

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Haven't blogged in a while...

I went shopping AGAIN today!

Thought I'd share this picture with you. People, i mean parents and kids actually ride these things...around in a circle. I wish i could ride that, but i'm sure none of my friends would go on it with me. I would have loved a picture on one!
Anyways I had fun in the mall, I bought lots of things. I bought THREE gifts that i'll be giving away in my next contest. I spent $50 on you guys! so i haven't decided if it'll be international or what, and maybe i'll have the first person pick what they want, and then the second person will pick and yeah. but there will be 3 winners. 

Anyways, i also bought myself some lace-up boots. They are from the shoe store Baker's and they're all leather, which means i'll probably have them forever! i've been looking for boots like these for ages and i finally found a pair i really liked!
Then of course, I had to take a picture in the mirror for you guys, to show you what i look like when i go shopping. Yes, i get all glammed up. And by the way, i really suck at taking mirror pictures, they always come out blurry. I should just have someone take a picture of me next time. 
And by the way, i just bought that hat today at Hot topic! Just letting you all know just in case you want one too!!

And then It was like 8p.m. So I left my house around 12:30ish in the afternoon... I was very HUNGRY! so we went to burger king. Haha, i know so healthy! And when you go to burger king, you have got to wear the crown. Come on "Burger King, have it your way" !
Then I found a hair in my burger... -_- but then they gave me a new one and asked if i wanted anything else. but i just thanked them for the new burger. and they apologized a zillion times and i told them it was okay. They were really nice about it, and that;s probably because i wasn't like "B**** there's a f****** hair in my burger". I just told them politely. You get a lot more accomplished when you're polite!!

Gifts and prizes, 
xoxo Lina

Saturday, January 15, 2011

I never understood...

I never understood why everyone likes watching the "what's in my purse video". And i still don't understand what's so interesting about it. I don't know why someone would want to know what's in someone else's purse. 

When i first started my youtube channel, i told myself that my first video will not be a "what's in your purse" video. EVERYONE has that as their first video, i don't understand why. I wasn't even going to make one at all, unless it was requested. Little did I know that i'd get a zillion messages asking me to do that video. I had no choice but to make that video. Hehe.

SO here it is:

But if you guys could be so kind to comment below, and let me know what's so interesting about these videos, it'd be greatly appreciated, and maybe i'll actually be able to understand why people like this video.

Lots of junk,
xoxo Lina

Wednesday, January 12, 2011


So while I was unshoveling my car today because of the large amounts of snow we got last night, this guy walked over to my sister and I. We both know him from a previous job we had and well he told us about this website called Zazzle. I googled it when I got home, and I found it to be so cool!

You can create your own items and then either purchase them, or put them up for other people to purchase them. You can add text, and pictures, and personalize them! I think it's so cool! 

SO I made a mug! I think i'll be buying myself one since i've wanted a cute and inspirational one forever, and now you guys can have one too!!

This is what it looks like from 3 different angles:

Anyways so if you guys would like to buy one just visit my online store!

I only made one thing so far, which is just that mug, but i might just make more things in the future!

xoxo Lina

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Be creative!

Since I have a hard time finding things i REALLY like, i'm inspired to make my own. I've been searching for a really amazing cuff bracelet for the longest time, but none of them were worth $30. They weren't that pretty! SO i was inspired to make my own!! :D
I took a trip to Michael's today, the craft store. I got the jewels... and some fabric glue. The fabric itself, was a legwarmer. i lost the other one so i figured i'd use the one i had left to make something! and underneath all of that, is one of those dunkin donuts cup holder thingies out of cardboard. Sounds weird right? But it works! and It's like recycling, since i'm reusing things and making them pretty!

Hope you guys are inspired to be creative. And if you think you aren't created or aren't talented, well i used to think that too. I used to think my sister was the creative one in the family and that i was just the freak who liked math haha. BUT, ever since i started my youtube channel, i just feel creative. I'm inspired to make things my own, to do things my way. I guess it's about time my creativity came out!

So good luck to you all! Hope you're inspired to make something cute!
xoxo Lina <3

Cutest cupcake nails ever!

I'm IN LOVE with cute things. and I LOVE cupcakes. If i could, i'd have everything cupcake. Too bad they don't make as many cupcake things as they do Hello Kitty... but maybe one day they will!

Anyways, with my love for cupcakes, i decided to make a cupcake nails tutorial. Now you can have cupcake nails everywhere you go! I hope you guys really like this tutorial! It took me FOREVER to paint the nails on my right hand. since i'm a righty, and well i had to paint the nails on my right hand with my left hand. However, it's not as hard as it seems! But I wish you luck anyway!!

Oh and one more thing, YES, my hair is darker (the color is dark ash brown). I made this video before i changed my hair color. I just didn't have the time to put it up since i was busy making Christmas and New Years tutorials! But at least it's a nice surprise for you all now! ENJOY!

Cupcakes with you everywhere,
xoxo Lina

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Animal print keyboard!

As many of you should already know, i'm all for cutesy things! Everything from cupcakes, to pooh bear, and to animal prints!!

I like decorating everything and making it cute! Which is why i drew on my laptop case! Yes guys, i drew that on with a sharpie marker, and went over it with clear nail polish!

Anyways so to match my awesome case, i got awesome zebra print stickers to put on my keyboard! (they're not made for macs, but as you can see, i made it work!)
And since i get bored of things from time to time, and because the zebra keyboard started to wear off a little bit, i decided to get a new one! (and also because my case cracked). and i don't like when things are like broken, so i just get new ones. So now I got a cheetah print keyboard, and i'm just waiting for my red case to come in the mail! I put more stickers on this one, just cut out some that i wasn't going to use and made them blank ones for the "fn" key because there was none. 

If you guys want cute and awesome keyboards too (they also have many more other designs you can choose from), you can get them at this website for only $10!
and if that link doesn't work, just go here:
Just so you guys know, i don't get paid by them or anything to put this on my blog, i just really like it and want to share this with you guys! And for those of you that may ask, I did get this idea from Kandee Johnson, otherwise i never would have known keyboard stickers exist!!

Stickers all over, 
xoxo Lina

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Past, Present and Future.

Many of us think about our past, and it goes on to affect our lives. it's more than just the consequences of our actions, we let the past bring us down. And once we think about a certain memory, many more unpleasant memories come rushing in. We even spend countless hours imagining when we will get our vindication or even vengeance from past hurts. But what we don't realize is that today, is tomorrow's yesterday which is our past. By dwelling on the past, our present is wasted. And by wasting the present we are just adding on to our wasted past. And down a spiral we go. 

Others rather than thinking about the past think about the future. We spend our time sitting there thinking about the "what ifs" but what about the "what now"? Yes it's great to have goals, but to have goals and achieve them, you need to do something about that today. To have a better tomorrow is to have a better today. Our actions of the present will affect our future, whether it be in a good way or a bad way. But to waste your time today by thinking about tomorrow is to waste the opportunity to improve your tomorrow. 

So let's not worry about our past or about our future. But lets live in the now. To live life is to live in the present moment. The past is dead and the future is yet unborn. And the key to healing the past and having a hopeful future lies in the present. In what you will decide to do now. Not what you did yesterday, not what you will do tomorrow, but what you are doing now. Now is the only thing we really have. If you waste the present moment by dwelling on the past or thinking about the future, you end up loosing everything, because your present becomes your past.

Just a few hours of thinking about the past or the future, is a few hours you will never get back. Spend your time wisely by thinking about the now and making decisions that will shape your future. But the past, completely forget about that. What's done is done. Now is what matters.

Today is where we are,
xoxo Lina

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