Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Year!!

Well it's New Years Eve, and my day hasn't been so great. Started off with wanting to get pizza and some chips for later with my sister and our friend. Ordered pizza, and they told us to come back in 10 minutes. So we went to stop & shop in the mean time to get ham and chips. And my friend ended up losing her wallet. Long story short, we ended up having COLD pizza and a crying hysterically friend. 

Thing is, losing a wallet is such a little thing. We had her call her bank and cancel her accounts, and she only had $21, which is not a big deal. People lose their houses because of fires, and it's still not the end of the world. Our life goes on, it doesn't stop because something happened. We have to deal with it and move on, make the best of what we have. Things like this are VERY little compared to what other people go through. 

I hope the New Year of 2011 will bring to you:

H ours of happy times with friends and family
A bundant time for relaxation
P rosperity
P lenty of love when you need it the most
Y outhful excitement at lifes simple pleasures

N ights of restful slumber 
E verything you need
W ishing you love and light

Y ears and years of good health
E njoyment and mirth
A angels to watch over you
R embrances of all the happy years

And anything else your hearts desire! 

Just think about how you made it through 2010, the good and the bad!! YAY! we made it together!! Now we're making our way into another new year, we should be happy we made it through all of the tough times, and know that we have the strength to overcome anything, no matter what 2011 throws at us!

I'll be spending my New Year sitting on my bed with my sister, eating cold pizza and watching the ball drop on tv. YAY! at least i get to spend it with one person i love so much!

Have a Happy New Year!!

Best wishes to you all, 
xoxo Lina

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Don't let things bring you down!

Earlier today, I made a new youtube video, a new year's makeup look. I thought it was so gorgeous and absolutely stunning. I took a picture and everything and I just loved the makeup. I was going to the mall in a couple of hours, but I didn't feel like washing off this beautiful makeup as it was a bit dramatic for an everyday look, and well it was only early afternoon. SO i went to the mall with dramatic eye makeup.

We ran into my sisters friend, ex-boyfriend, boyfriend... whatever he is... and well he looked at me and said "woah whats with your makeup" and I told him i was making a video. He then later asked my sister what was up with my makeup, and she also told him I was making a video earlier that day. And he was just like "oh yeah, well how many views do her videos get?"... like that's really important. All that does matter about my youtube channel is that I can sort of like talk to everyone and help people. Then later my mother started saying something about my makeup (she's not too supportive of my passion and obsession with makeup, she doesn't understand)... and well with all of that criticism i was feeling a little down.

After all of that happened and I was already a bit upset, we went to Macy's. then the store was closing and yadda yadda yadda... and the guy that helped us pick things out later said to me "i love your makeup, it's beautiful". My point here is that that man just made my night. He all of a sudden made me extremely happy and i thanked him a zillion times. 

Here's some things you can do to help you get by:
  1. What we should all remember is that if we like something we should tell the person, A person can always use a compliment and you never know when they'll be needing it most. With such a simple compliment you can change someone's mood, and you can make their day that much better. 
  2. My second point is that when you feel like you world is falling down and crumbling at your feet, just know that there is a whole bunch of good things just waiting to happen. The good follows the bad, and if the bad didn't happen, we'd never appreciate the good. 
  3. And my third point is that I shouldn't have gotten upset, even just a little bit. I know I'm great at doing makeup, and i know i looked pretty. What everyone else says shouldn't matter because ultimately you are the only one that need to like it. You're wearing the makeup not anyone else. You're the one that needs to feel comfortable in your own skin. You need to believe in yourself and have your own opinions. Who cares if one person doesn't like it? What matters is that you like it, and with confidence, many other will like it too!
So now that we've learned a few things from this day and from this post, i hope you all enjoy this new year's makeup tutorial!!

Keeping my head up high, 
xoxo... your Lina

Friday, December 24, 2010

Happy Holidays!

Maybe you're religious and maybe you're not. 
But today is Christmas Eve, and many people come together to celebrate. 

Here I am wishing your holiday season is decorated with happiness and lighted up with joy and cheer!

Have a wonderful holiday season! 

lots of joy,
xoxo Lina

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Before/After hair!!

for all of my fans, don't be surprised when in the next video my hair isn't dark brown anymore!!!

haha here's the before picture... that i kinda just got from one of my videos because i didn't want to go through all of the pictures on my computer... but you get the point all you have to see is my hair..

and this is what it looks like now!! my eyebrows are dyed too!!

it was just time for a change. i usually dye my hair every like 6 or so months. this was a big change for me though because i never quite had this color (it's like a light brown with an orange tint... so like copper?) and i've never dyed my eyebrows before either!! so i was scared!

let me know what you guys think!!!!

no big surprises when you watch new videos...
xoxo Lina 

Saturday, December 18, 2010

What does your Christmas tree look like?

Well.. my dad asked me to decorate my Christmas tree. He told me that mommy doesn't have time to decorate it, though I don't quite understand how she's busy, when she's on the phone talking to her friends most of the day. But whatevs, i decorated the tree anyway out of construction paper. I was doing something nice, because well I'm a nice person. And I also like a decorated Christmas tree. So although I have finals and i was supposed to studying, i took 3 hours of my time to make these decorations. And they're so pretty because they're neon colors. And my sister wouldn't help me.. she was being mean. =/ So I could have either been studying, or sleeping because I was up til 2am!
So after i sat there cutting strips of paper, looping them and taping them together, daddy and I decorated the Christmas tree. My mother better appreciate it! I should have put the lights on, but ehh, i guess that will do. I personally think it looks pretty!!
Then when I went babysitting last night, I saw their GINORMOUS Christmas tree! This was like the biggest Christmas tree I have ever seen in anyone's house. It was like oh so brollic.! You can't see all of the pretty decorations in the picture, but the tree was beautiful! Their son also made those loop things I made and put them on tree, though he made a lot less than I did!

What does your Christmas tree look like?

Bright lights and construction paper, 
xoxo Lina

Thursday, December 16, 2010

BAKING peppermint meringues!

Well as most of you should know... I was baking peppermint meringues as a Christmas special this holiday season. BUT... I failed baking it the first time! the second time around, they actually looked good and tasted great! Thing is though, you can't give up when something doesn't work out. You keep going and you try again until you get it right! If i gave up.. there wouldn't have been a "good" baking video and then what would you guys bake for your holiday!?

Hope you guys will enjoy the videos!!

Here's the FAILED baking one, but it's SUPER FUNNY! where your flat peppermint meringues will look like this:

And here's the "good" baking one, where your peppermint meringues will look oh so very delicious!!

Happy Holidays!!

Minty fresh breath everywhere,
xoxo Lina

Monday, December 13, 2010

Kandee Johnson look-alike?

So today... well a few people told me that I look like Kandee Johnson. So I thought i'd take a picture and let you guys let me know! I didn't mean to look sad... I was actually very happy. The camera just didn't capture my happiness... haha =)

Let's not look at my messy room in the mirror. Its finals week, it's okay to be messy then haha especially since i'm only getting like 4 hours of sleep a night!!

Your Kandee look-alike?
xoxo Lina

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Baking with my sister...

Turned out to be a complete and total DISASTER! Haha, it was just too funny though. Who knew failing at baking would be so much fun?! We made the best of it, and laughed our little butts off. We THOUGHT what we baked would turn out okay and we assumed we knew how to follow directions haha, so everything was recorded. And I made a video out of it for you guys!!

I hope you guys can look at this video when you're down, and I am certain it will cheer you up. Laughing at this video never gets old to me and i must've watched it a good 25 times already today. And each time, i laughed my little butt off. 

I will be posting another baking video, making the same thing. With it actually working out though, and my cookies tasting amazing!! That way you all can still bake something delicious for the holidays! I will not give up! I will keep making these cookies until they come out right!! 

Hope you guys enjoy this video! Bleh, i don't need to hope. I KNOW you'll enjoy this video. It's just too funny not to laugh! Make sure you watch towards the end where we put the mixture in the bag. From there on... be ready to fall off of your chair or roll off of your bed, wherever you may be.

Flat peppermint meringues...
xoxo Lina

New winner!

Since the first winner did not contact me within 24 hours, it was time to pick a new winner! Well... I didn't pick the winner. it was randomly generated!

So the new winner of the palette is:


YAY!! CONGRATULATIONS! For being the next NEW winnner! 
So now... you have to contact me within 24 hours. This will be posted at 12am. and you have until 12am on December 13th my time which is eastern US. If you don't contact me within 24 hours, well another new winner will be chosen. 

I will be playing this game of choosing new winners until someone contacts me!! hehe, it's kind of fun!! it's like, let's catch me.. but not really. because all you have to do is e-mail me! It's really not that hard.

Clock starts ticking now, 
and i'll be waiting for an e-mail,
xoxo Lina

Saturday, December 11, 2010

And the winner is....

As all of you know (or should know), I was holding a contest for the past 2 weeks as a THANK YOU for helping me reach 1,000 subscribers!!! YAY! you all have been so very supportive and i just want to say, thank you so much. 

So who is the lucky winner of this palette?

It is:


now, you have 24 hours to contact me, otherwise a new winner will be chosen because that's only fair to the people that actually visit my channel and read my blog!
Clock starts ticking now.

Remember if you didn't win, that DOES NOT make you a loser! This was sort of like gambling but not really because you had nothing to lose! I will be having more contests! Once I reach 2,500 subscribers I'll give out another prize, and the 5,000 and so on. Look out for random contests too, because i'm thinking of just having random ones here and there! YAY! you'll have more chances to win!

Clock is ticking,

P.S. Just so everyone knows, I made the contest fair in that I only counted each person's comment once!!  That way everyone had an equal chance of winning. However in future contests, you guys will be able to comment as many times as you want!

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Let's stay warm this winter!

Has it even been the first day of winter yet or is it still fall? All I know is that it's like a freezer outside! When you breath and you can see your breath in the air, then you know it's EXTREMELY cold! so let's stay warm this winter!

Wear scarves, gloves, hats, warm boots, jackets, sweaters... etc. Just wear everything you can to stay warm and without looking like a snowman!

So the picture above is probably a really bad example of staying warm. But the idea was to wear scarves!! Let's say you don't like those warm wintery scarves (like me)... well.. wearing a cute scarf is still better than not wearing a scarf at all! it'll still keep your chest and neck warm. warmer then it would be without a scarf!

 now that is what warm looks like! I didn't have my hat with me, but i made use of my hood. And my jacket is just so warm and long! SO i can wear leggings, because the jacket goes down to my knees and keeps my legs warm for me too! and if you could see, i'm wearing gloves, and they're keeping my hands warm, and keeping them from becoming all dry and ugly!! YAY!

bundle up and stay warm,

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Holiday season!

I just love Holiday season! all the Christmas decorations everywhere, and all those holiday lattes at Starbucks and Dunkin Donuts. 

I love walking around New York City! It's always so beautiful around Christmas season. There's more laughter and joy all around the place. and the decorations around Penn Station are just so beautiful! I had to take a picture of the GINORMOUS "believe" thing on Macy's. It's just so beautiful. I wish i was there all year round and it should be. Because we should always believe in ourselves and in others. We need to believe.
The smurf was also outside of Macy's by Penn Station. I just thought it was so cute because i didn't see it there last year. I used to watch smurfs all the time when I was little... the English versions and the Polish versions. And then I used to sing the polish version of the song "i'm a barbie girl in a barbie world".. but the words were different and it was about smurfs!
I am currently at Starbucks getting some homework done (or more like typing this blog) with my peppermint mocha! I love their peppermint mocha and their gingerbread lattes. I've been waiting for these drink for 10 months now... since they got rid of it last year. I hate that they only have them around holiday season though, i wish they were all year round. 

Christmas/Holiday season just brings so many great memories. So much joy, laughter and happiness. I think it's just a beautiful and wonderful thing. I wish everyone could always be so cheerful like they are tis time of the year.

Enjoy this time of the year, 

Saturday, December 4, 2010

November faves!

WOW, it's already November! The 2010 year is almost over! Time really does fly, i remember when it was still 2009 like it was yesterday!

Anyways, so my very first favorite for november, was a cupcake photo holder! I can't exactly find the one I have because it was from Joyce Leslie, and that store doesn't have a website. So here is a similar one even though it just has one photo holder thingie. Click here to buy.

My next two favorites are two lipsticks! First one is "Girl about town" from MAC, it's like a deep and bright pink color. And the second is a nude lipstick from Sephora. So it's just any nude lipstick that you like.

Next favorite is the avocado oatmeal clay mask. Yes it's a new bottle thing then from the one I have but it's the same brand, same product. It leaves your skin feeling so soft, and get rids of dirt and excess oil. You should probably be able to get this at Kmart or something.
Another one of my favorites is Clearasil Acne Spot treatment cream. You can get this at any drugstore such as Duane Reade, CVS, and Walgreens. Or just any drugstore around you. I can't give you guys a link for this as there is creams for teens and creams for adults as well as tinted creams and the regular white ones. So that's your preference.

And last but not least, a candle in the scent Spice from bath and body works. You can get TWO of the smaller candle for $12 right now. And you can get two different scents. Or you can buy one BIG candle for almost $20. They smell wonderful!

Hope you guys enjoy the video!!! And Happy December now!

Have a wonderful and smiley day, 

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