Sunday, December 5, 2010

Holiday season!

I just love Holiday season! all the Christmas decorations everywhere, and all those holiday lattes at Starbucks and Dunkin Donuts. 

I love walking around New York City! It's always so beautiful around Christmas season. There's more laughter and joy all around the place. and the decorations around Penn Station are just so beautiful! I had to take a picture of the GINORMOUS "believe" thing on Macy's. It's just so beautiful. I wish i was there all year round and it should be. Because we should always believe in ourselves and in others. We need to believe.
The smurf was also outside of Macy's by Penn Station. I just thought it was so cute because i didn't see it there last year. I used to watch smurfs all the time when I was little... the English versions and the Polish versions. And then I used to sing the polish version of the song "i'm a barbie girl in a barbie world".. but the words were different and it was about smurfs!
I am currently at Starbucks getting some homework done (or more like typing this blog) with my peppermint mocha! I love their peppermint mocha and their gingerbread lattes. I've been waiting for these drink for 10 months now... since they got rid of it last year. I hate that they only have them around holiday season though, i wish they were all year round. 

Christmas/Holiday season just brings so many great memories. So much joy, laughter and happiness. I think it's just a beautiful and wonderful thing. I wish everyone could always be so cheerful like they are tis time of the year.

Enjoy this time of the year, 

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