Saturday, December 4, 2010

November faves!

WOW, it's already November! The 2010 year is almost over! Time really does fly, i remember when it was still 2009 like it was yesterday!

Anyways, so my very first favorite for november, was a cupcake photo holder! I can't exactly find the one I have because it was from Joyce Leslie, and that store doesn't have a website. So here is a similar one even though it just has one photo holder thingie. Click here to buy.

My next two favorites are two lipsticks! First one is "Girl about town" from MAC, it's like a deep and bright pink color. And the second is a nude lipstick from Sephora. So it's just any nude lipstick that you like.

Next favorite is the avocado oatmeal clay mask. Yes it's a new bottle thing then from the one I have but it's the same brand, same product. It leaves your skin feeling so soft, and get rids of dirt and excess oil. You should probably be able to get this at Kmart or something.
Another one of my favorites is Clearasil Acne Spot treatment cream. You can get this at any drugstore such as Duane Reade, CVS, and Walgreens. Or just any drugstore around you. I can't give you guys a link for this as there is creams for teens and creams for adults as well as tinted creams and the regular white ones. So that's your preference.

And last but not least, a candle in the scent Spice from bath and body works. You can get TWO of the smaller candle for $12 right now. And you can get two different scents. Or you can buy one BIG candle for almost $20. They smell wonderful!

Hope you guys enjoy the video!!! And Happy December now!

Have a wonderful and smiley day, 

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