Sunday, December 12, 2010

Baking with my sister...

Turned out to be a complete and total DISASTER! Haha, it was just too funny though. Who knew failing at baking would be so much fun?! We made the best of it, and laughed our little butts off. We THOUGHT what we baked would turn out okay and we assumed we knew how to follow directions haha, so everything was recorded. And I made a video out of it for you guys!!

I hope you guys can look at this video when you're down, and I am certain it will cheer you up. Laughing at this video never gets old to me and i must've watched it a good 25 times already today. And each time, i laughed my little butt off. 

I will be posting another baking video, making the same thing. With it actually working out though, and my cookies tasting amazing!! That way you all can still bake something delicious for the holidays! I will not give up! I will keep making these cookies until they come out right!! 

Hope you guys enjoy this video! Bleh, i don't need to hope. I KNOW you'll enjoy this video. It's just too funny not to laugh! Make sure you watch towards the end where we put the mixture in the bag. From there on... be ready to fall off of your chair or roll off of your bed, wherever you may be.

Flat peppermint meringues...
xoxo Lina

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