Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Don't let things bring you down!

Earlier today, I made a new youtube video, a new year's makeup look. I thought it was so gorgeous and absolutely stunning. I took a picture and everything and I just loved the makeup. I was going to the mall in a couple of hours, but I didn't feel like washing off this beautiful makeup as it was a bit dramatic for an everyday look, and well it was only early afternoon. SO i went to the mall with dramatic eye makeup.

We ran into my sisters friend, ex-boyfriend, boyfriend... whatever he is... and well he looked at me and said "woah whats with your makeup" and I told him i was making a video. He then later asked my sister what was up with my makeup, and she also told him I was making a video earlier that day. And he was just like "oh yeah, well how many views do her videos get?"... like that's really important. All that does matter about my youtube channel is that I can sort of like talk to everyone and help people. Then later my mother started saying something about my makeup (she's not too supportive of my passion and obsession with makeup, she doesn't understand)... and well with all of that criticism i was feeling a little down.

After all of that happened and I was already a bit upset, we went to Macy's. then the store was closing and yadda yadda yadda... and the guy that helped us pick things out later said to me "i love your makeup, it's beautiful". My point here is that that man just made my night. He all of a sudden made me extremely happy and i thanked him a zillion times. 

Here's some things you can do to help you get by:
  1. What we should all remember is that if we like something we should tell the person, A person can always use a compliment and you never know when they'll be needing it most. With such a simple compliment you can change someone's mood, and you can make their day that much better. 
  2. My second point is that when you feel like you world is falling down and crumbling at your feet, just know that there is a whole bunch of good things just waiting to happen. The good follows the bad, and if the bad didn't happen, we'd never appreciate the good. 
  3. And my third point is that I shouldn't have gotten upset, even just a little bit. I know I'm great at doing makeup, and i know i looked pretty. What everyone else says shouldn't matter because ultimately you are the only one that need to like it. You're wearing the makeup not anyone else. You're the one that needs to feel comfortable in your own skin. You need to believe in yourself and have your own opinions. Who cares if one person doesn't like it? What matters is that you like it, and with confidence, many other will like it too!
So now that we've learned a few things from this day and from this post, i hope you all enjoy this new year's makeup tutorial!!

Keeping my head up high, 
xoxo... your Lina


  1. Aww that's so sweet of that guy at Macy's :)
    Your make up IS beautiful♥


  2. awww, thank you sooo soooo sooo very much!!!! =) <3


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