Monday, March 31, 2014

New Business!

So do any of you know washi tape, and washi sheets are? Basically very thin see-through paper tape that comes in a ton of different designs. Or at least washi tape comes in many designs… and washi sheets… well there's about 50 designs maybe? But they're all very similar!

My brilliant business idea was to make something similar like washi sheets…. and cut out squares to fit in my planner. So for my first one i decided to do a spring theme, and I came up with this:
Aren't these designs perfect for spring?

And I cut them to fit my planner so I can decorate my planner.. Can't tell you how I made them because well that's a secret :) and I don't want anyone else stealing my idea!

I got some water on this one… which is what that dark spot is...

I love this one!! The colorful flowers, definitely look like spring to me!

And I got some water on the chevron design too, but covered some up with my tv show post it :D

And this is the layout so far of my next week. i'm so in love with those squares and i'm so happy with how they came out. I can't wait to make more for other holidays and seasons. I want to do fourth of july next!

If any of you have an Erin Condren planner or any other planner, and love to decorate, maybe you can get some decorating ideas for me, and please share your pictures on this post so I can get some decorating ideas from you!

And if you're interested in wanting some spring themed squares or other washi squares, check out my easy shop !

Would love to see what your planner looks like!
Please post pictures below!!


Friday, March 28, 2014

I've been RAK'd!

You're probably wondering what does it mean that i've been RAK'd!
RAK stands for Random Act of Kindness. 

One of the planner facebook groups i'm part of does this RAK things, and basically you put together some of your planner supplies, some stickers, some stickers, some washi tape, and you send it to someone and you "wake up their mailbox"!. It's so much fun because you feel like you're doing something great and giving back! Point of RAK is to make someone else happy, it's not about getting one back. Sometimes you will, sometimes you won't. But it's about giving!

Anyways so today I received this amazing RAK from one of my new friends in the Facebook group, and this is all the stuff she sent me!

32 samples of washi tape… and out of all that i only have 2 of the rolls! So 30 new tapes for me to try! She also sent me some martha stewart tear drop stickers! And i love those in my planner! And some super cute stickers, as well as a to-do list set of post-its, and the other super cute stickers… the cloud and speech bubbles! By the way… i've been told the cloud and speech bubble stickies are from hobby lobby… however they do not have them online… and there's no hobby lobby near me. Soo if you're feeling generous and happen to see it… please buy me some and mail them to me! You'd make me very happy!

I'm so thankful for all the stuff my friend sent me. She definitely went above & beyond, and I love everything she gave me! Some already has made it's way into my planner!

Earlier, I also went to staples looking for a paper cutter. Then I saw these and had to buy them. These are also pretty hard for me to find since not all staples has them… or they're out of stock. So i was happy I found these two AND they were on sale! DOUBLE WIN!

This is the paper cutter I decided to buy. I was originally looking into buying an electronic paper cutter til I saw the price tag those come with. And they're anywhere from $300-$1,000! So that quickly went out the window! So i saw this one at staples, i liked it because it was small and portable, but not TOO small…. because it'll fit a piece of printer paper, which is awesome! And the best part is that it was only $10!

Then later… instead of doing homework… I decided I'd make a dashboard on the inside cover over my planner with all my stickies and I absolutely LOVE it! I use the full-adhesive post-its, the flag post-its, some other flags, the long stickers are from Smash.. i bought those online… and the cloud and speech bubble stickies as you read I received in my RAK. 

I've been having SO MUCH fun with my planner! I follow my to-do lists… and If i don't get to something one day.. i'll do it the next day and go back to cross it off. I'm organized with my schedule and my shows… and i'm doing PRETTY good with trying to drink 8 glasses of water per day. 

Keep an eye out for a planner video coming soon!


Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Got my hair done by a 9-year old!

I was babysitting the other night, 2 girls ages 5 and 9, and a almost 12 year old boy. The 9 year old I only have for a couple of hours before she was off to a sleepover. 

So while the boy was playing video games, I was painting the 5 year old's nails, and the 9 year old was doing my hair. And I have to say I was VERY impressed, she did pigtails, and then 2 fishtail braids. 

And let me tell you something….

is that sad? The 9 year old said she would teach me the next time i'm babysitting over there again. I'll be learning how to do my hair from a 9 year old. Like I said i was impressed because it looked great! This was my hair…
She first tied the two braids together when she was done… but then decided she wanted the blue scrunchy haha. and ends dup taking it out… but doesn't my hair look amazing?

And this is my hair from the from view and the fishtail braids at my sides!

I kept that hair for the rest of the night and half of the next day! I even went to CVS looking like that! I wanted to sleep in the braids so my hair could be wavy the next morning :D

Then when the 9 year old went to her sleepover, and after the 5 year old girl, and the almost 12 year old boy played basketball outside… then we did some origami!

And i made this pretty star :D

Yes, that takes some skill! Haha not really… it was just folding and cutting paper…. and reading directions!

Anyways that was my babysitting night. Hope you liked this post!

Until next time!

Sunday, March 23, 2014


So this is my Erin Condren Planner and it's PERFECT! I actually thought the planner would be bigger and more like the size of a 3-subject notebook! But it's definitely smaller which makes me happy, because it even fits in my small shoulder bag, which is super exciting!

So my planner has my name on it, and under my name it says "Dare to be different". I kinda wish it was centered under my name, but i didn't specify so that's my fault. Everything else is perfect, no pages missing, no pages falling out, no missing dates, it's really PERFECT!

I already started decorating my planner too. I decided to use the top section that would normally say "morning" and cover the morning part, and use the top section for when i have school, work (the little babysitting work i do now), and appointments… and of course my dinner date with my babe. And the middle section i'm using as a to-do list, minus the homework i need to do. That's on a separate bigger post-it. 

This picture is just a full picture of one side of my planner. In the bottom section I added my shows that are playing and a little to-do of shows i need to look up online for when they're playing next, so i can organize my next week and put in the shows playing!

And on the bottom, I printed some rainbow water drop hydrate stickers so i remember to drink as much water as possible. Its 8 glasses a day 8oz each. So the first day I got my planner you could see I only drank one glass, but the second day )which was yesterday), i drank 6 glasses! The filled in drops is how many i drank :D

I already decorated my planner for 2 weeks later! And this is the first week of april pictured below. All the pretty tape you see is wsahi tape (I'll have a more in depth video on my planner supplies and how I organize it). I also color code everything, green is work, orange is school, purple is tv shows. 

Here is my monthly at a glance for the month of april.Those blue tabs are my bills due on that day. Purple is movies coming out in theaters, the blue is my anniversary, orange is a school bill i have to pay, and the flower tape is my spring break! Though i'll probably be making that a little longer :D

And that's all about my planner for now. I'm still working on a system that really works for me and something I really really like, but it'll take time to figure out!

Happy Planning!


Sunday, March 9, 2014

Time to get organized !!

Hello loveycakes!

This weekend I decided I wanted a paper planner. Back to the old days… haha well I haven't had my iPad planner for THAT long, maybe like 6 months? It was convenient and handy because I always had it with me, it didn't add any extra bulk to my iPad because it was IN my iPad so it was awesome. 

But then I saw Elle Fowler's picture on IG of her new Erin Condren Life Planner! And she made me want to go back to a paper planner. SO I did a TON of research on planners, I needed to know what the inside is like to see if i'd like it, and compare other planners BECAUSE the erin condren planner is quite expensive so I did want to find a cheaper option. 

Long story short, the Erin Condren Life Planner turned out to be everything I wanted and after TWO days of research I decided to order one. And hopefully it'll get here much sooner then expected because the expected delivery date isn't til March 17, so I got lots of waiting. 

I really really really wanted this planner, the gold edition. It's BEAUTIFUL… but it's also $75. So I didn't buy this one. But I would have like to! And the bookmark inside this planner is CHEVRON!

But i decided for my first paper planner in a while, I should go with the cheaper one… which still isn't cheap. It was $50! And I only have months March or really end of March til December 2015. So there should have been a discount but there wasn't. I got my name on the front (just my first name) and a quote. 
So excited for this planner to arrive. I was so excited I needed to do some shopping for it. Yes this means i'll be decorating my planner and making it look all pretty. That was a negative in the iPad planner, it wasn't very customizable or pretty, even though everything was color coded. 

So this is what I ended up buying for my planner…. another $80 later…

My planner is going to be so beautiful! Can't wait to do an unboxing video with you all! And then a review, and how i organize my planner!!

Super super excited!!!

& i love being organized. Let me know if you guys are like that too. Do you have a planner?

Til next time, 

Thursday, March 6, 2014

No makeup days! But lots of breakouts...

I've been having quite a bit of no makeup days lately. Since I only go to school twice a week… those two days are when I would normally wear makeup. I don't have an actually job anymore so the rest of the week are all no makeup days! And i've actually been pretty bad with putting makeup on even for school! Ao if my skin is looking pretty good, I won't even wear makeup to school. 

But now here's my problem. People say not wearing makeup is good for your skin, helps your skin breathe and you don't get as many breakouts. People say makeup is oily and clogs pores etc and that causes breakouts.

So for me… I haven't been wearing makeup whatsoever or very rarely and i'm breaking out more than when I wore makeup every day! Any thoughts on this?

I'm thinking it's because of stress, because i'm back home in a very stressful environment.. very stressful to me at least. And stress causes breakouts, and breakouts cause me to pick at my face causing more breakouts. That's what I think. MAYBE if I wore more makeup, I wouldn't be tempted to pick at my face cause I won't want makeup all over my fingers!

So these are some pictures from my no makeup days the last few days… And as you can see even with the too much light being in the pictures, my skin isn't so clear. I mean it never was really clear but I was at the point where I just had acne scars and not really any breakouts.. Now I have breakouts. 

Okay maybe in this picture you can't see much but I swear my skin was not looking so good!

 And this picture you can see a red breakout on my cheek under my eye…

But I have been getting a lot of breakouts near my eye are, and on my jawline. 

Let me know if you guys have any suggestions on how to get rid of these breakouts !!


Sunday, March 2, 2014

Milk foam addiction!

So i have had this addiction to milk foam for like the month now. I guess we could say cappuccino's? Because i add lots of milk foam to my coffee…. but then again.. it tastes good with tea too. 

So i discovered this way of making milk foam, without a machine, no milk brother or anything. I'm not going to tell you how because I want to make a video on it ! And it's the coolest thing ever!

My boo is currently not in the USA to make me milk foam…. and i'm still learning how to do it properly.. so there won't be a video until I master that skill!

But here's a couple of pictures of my milk foam in my awesome mugs! 

This milk foam wasn't the best… but as you see the pictures, it gets better!

Now this milk foam is something ! My boo worked hard on this one!

And this is what my milk foam look like after I add in sugar and mix everything together… slightly foamy… but it loses a lot of foam when you mix stuff in!

And don't you all love my mug addiction too? 3 milk foam pictures with 3 different mugs! I have a problem, I know. I'm going to need a whole cabinet dedicated to my mugs soon. 

Do any of you really like milk foam? I'd love to know… and you'll make me feel like i'm not the only weirdo HA HA. 

And if any of my loveycakes missed last wee's new videos, here they are for you !

DIY sleepy time pillow spray, to help you sleep at night. ALL NATURAL!

And a tongue piercing guide video that was requested!

Happy Milk Foam Sunday!!


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