Thursday, March 6, 2014

No makeup days! But lots of breakouts...

I've been having quite a bit of no makeup days lately. Since I only go to school twice a week… those two days are when I would normally wear makeup. I don't have an actually job anymore so the rest of the week are all no makeup days! And i've actually been pretty bad with putting makeup on even for school! Ao if my skin is looking pretty good, I won't even wear makeup to school. 

But now here's my problem. People say not wearing makeup is good for your skin, helps your skin breathe and you don't get as many breakouts. People say makeup is oily and clogs pores etc and that causes breakouts.

So for me… I haven't been wearing makeup whatsoever or very rarely and i'm breaking out more than when I wore makeup every day! Any thoughts on this?

I'm thinking it's because of stress, because i'm back home in a very stressful environment.. very stressful to me at least. And stress causes breakouts, and breakouts cause me to pick at my face causing more breakouts. That's what I think. MAYBE if I wore more makeup, I wouldn't be tempted to pick at my face cause I won't want makeup all over my fingers!

So these are some pictures from my no makeup days the last few days… And as you can see even with the too much light being in the pictures, my skin isn't so clear. I mean it never was really clear but I was at the point where I just had acne scars and not really any breakouts.. Now I have breakouts. 

Okay maybe in this picture you can't see much but I swear my skin was not looking so good!

 And this picture you can see a red breakout on my cheek under my eye…

But I have been getting a lot of breakouts near my eye are, and on my jawline. 

Let me know if you guys have any suggestions on how to get rid of these breakouts !!


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