Friday, March 28, 2014

I've been RAK'd!

You're probably wondering what does it mean that i've been RAK'd!
RAK stands for Random Act of Kindness. 

One of the planner facebook groups i'm part of does this RAK things, and basically you put together some of your planner supplies, some stickers, some stickers, some washi tape, and you send it to someone and you "wake up their mailbox"!. It's so much fun because you feel like you're doing something great and giving back! Point of RAK is to make someone else happy, it's not about getting one back. Sometimes you will, sometimes you won't. But it's about giving!

Anyways so today I received this amazing RAK from one of my new friends in the Facebook group, and this is all the stuff she sent me!

32 samples of washi tape… and out of all that i only have 2 of the rolls! So 30 new tapes for me to try! She also sent me some martha stewart tear drop stickers! And i love those in my planner! And some super cute stickers, as well as a to-do list set of post-its, and the other super cute stickers… the cloud and speech bubbles! By the way… i've been told the cloud and speech bubble stickies are from hobby lobby… however they do not have them online… and there's no hobby lobby near me. Soo if you're feeling generous and happen to see it… please buy me some and mail them to me! You'd make me very happy!

I'm so thankful for all the stuff my friend sent me. She definitely went above & beyond, and I love everything she gave me! Some already has made it's way into my planner!

Earlier, I also went to staples looking for a paper cutter. Then I saw these and had to buy them. These are also pretty hard for me to find since not all staples has them… or they're out of stock. So i was happy I found these two AND they were on sale! DOUBLE WIN!

This is the paper cutter I decided to buy. I was originally looking into buying an electronic paper cutter til I saw the price tag those come with. And they're anywhere from $300-$1,000! So that quickly went out the window! So i saw this one at staples, i liked it because it was small and portable, but not TOO small…. because it'll fit a piece of printer paper, which is awesome! And the best part is that it was only $10!

Then later… instead of doing homework… I decided I'd make a dashboard on the inside cover over my planner with all my stickies and I absolutely LOVE it! I use the full-adhesive post-its, the flag post-its, some other flags, the long stickers are from Smash.. i bought those online… and the cloud and speech bubble stickies as you read I received in my RAK. 

I've been having SO MUCH fun with my planner! I follow my to-do lists… and If i don't get to something one day.. i'll do it the next day and go back to cross it off. I'm organized with my schedule and my shows… and i'm doing PRETTY good with trying to drink 8 glasses of water per day. 

Keep an eye out for a planner video coming soon!


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