Sunday, March 23, 2014


So this is my Erin Condren Planner and it's PERFECT! I actually thought the planner would be bigger and more like the size of a 3-subject notebook! But it's definitely smaller which makes me happy, because it even fits in my small shoulder bag, which is super exciting!

So my planner has my name on it, and under my name it says "Dare to be different". I kinda wish it was centered under my name, but i didn't specify so that's my fault. Everything else is perfect, no pages missing, no pages falling out, no missing dates, it's really PERFECT!

I already started decorating my planner too. I decided to use the top section that would normally say "morning" and cover the morning part, and use the top section for when i have school, work (the little babysitting work i do now), and appointments… and of course my dinner date with my babe. And the middle section i'm using as a to-do list, minus the homework i need to do. That's on a separate bigger post-it. 

This picture is just a full picture of one side of my planner. In the bottom section I added my shows that are playing and a little to-do of shows i need to look up online for when they're playing next, so i can organize my next week and put in the shows playing!

And on the bottom, I printed some rainbow water drop hydrate stickers so i remember to drink as much water as possible. Its 8 glasses a day 8oz each. So the first day I got my planner you could see I only drank one glass, but the second day )which was yesterday), i drank 6 glasses! The filled in drops is how many i drank :D

I already decorated my planner for 2 weeks later! And this is the first week of april pictured below. All the pretty tape you see is wsahi tape (I'll have a more in depth video on my planner supplies and how I organize it). I also color code everything, green is work, orange is school, purple is tv shows. 

Here is my monthly at a glance for the month of april.Those blue tabs are my bills due on that day. Purple is movies coming out in theaters, the blue is my anniversary, orange is a school bill i have to pay, and the flower tape is my spring break! Though i'll probably be making that a little longer :D

And that's all about my planner for now. I'm still working on a system that really works for me and something I really really like, but it'll take time to figure out!

Happy Planning!


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