Sunday, March 2, 2014

Milk foam addiction!

So i have had this addiction to milk foam for like the month now. I guess we could say cappuccino's? Because i add lots of milk foam to my coffee…. but then again.. it tastes good with tea too. 

So i discovered this way of making milk foam, without a machine, no milk brother or anything. I'm not going to tell you how because I want to make a video on it ! And it's the coolest thing ever!

My boo is currently not in the USA to make me milk foam…. and i'm still learning how to do it properly.. so there won't be a video until I master that skill!

But here's a couple of pictures of my milk foam in my awesome mugs! 

This milk foam wasn't the best… but as you see the pictures, it gets better!

Now this milk foam is something ! My boo worked hard on this one!

And this is what my milk foam look like after I add in sugar and mix everything together… slightly foamy… but it loses a lot of foam when you mix stuff in!

And don't you all love my mug addiction too? 3 milk foam pictures with 3 different mugs! I have a problem, I know. I'm going to need a whole cabinet dedicated to my mugs soon. 

Do any of you really like milk foam? I'd love to know… and you'll make me feel like i'm not the only weirdo HA HA. 

And if any of my loveycakes missed last wee's new videos, here they are for you !

DIY sleepy time pillow spray, to help you sleep at night. ALL NATURAL!

And a tongue piercing guide video that was requested!

Happy Milk Foam Sunday!!


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