Thursday, February 27, 2014

DIY chemical free deodorant! BUY it or DIY!

Hey loveycakes! Some of you may or may not have seen one of my latest videos on how to make your own chemical free deodorant. Making my own things, and being more natural is the route my boyfriend and I have been trying to take. 

Most people in this day in age will not leave their house without putting on some deodorant, because we all want to smell good! STORE BOUGHT DEODORANTS tend to have aluminum as an ingredient. Studies show that aluminum is linked to alzheimer's, brain disorders, and brain cancer to name a few. 

You may think that since you're not eating deodorant then it's not bad for you, but deodorant has been made to be absorbed by your skin to prevent you from being smelly from the inside out, so it does have an effect on your body. 

Now since you know all that, go make your own deodorant! It does require quite a bit of ingredients that you may not have lying around your house. So if you don't want to go out and buy all the ingredients, you can just buy a deodorant on my etsy shop here . 

If you do want to buy all the ingredients, then follow my video on how to make your own 100% natural. chemical-free deodorant!!

Hope you all enjoy these types of video! I'm definitely working on more DIY videos for you all, and am trying to be as natural and chemical free as possible!

Have a wonderful day loveycakes!!

Much love, 

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