Friday, February 21, 2014

Teavana deliciousness!

So the other day, my boo and I took a stroll around NYC. Well we really needed to go to a hardware store to pick up some lightbulbs, and I wanted to stop by Staples. 

Long story short, we saw a Teavana while running errands and OF COURSE i needed to go in. My babe also wanted Starbucks but i wasn't in the mood for coffee, so a cup of tea I thought i'd buy at teavana. And then my boo decided he'd have a cup of tea as well. 

So I bought a cold (kinda) cup of tea flared Blueberry Bliss and Pineapple Kona Pop. I like it kind cold. Though i didn't want it iced because i don't like ice :) i'm weird like that. And my babe got the Maharaja chai oolong (his favorite)

While we were in teavana we saw a box of tea that we would both really like….. and my babe ended up buying it for us. I wanted it..  but it was pricey and i wan't going to buy it especially since I don't exactly work right now. So my boo bought it for both of us! How nice and sweet of him!

So inside the box of tea is all of teavana's "display" teas. It's all the ones you'd walk into the store to try. 
Blueberry Bliss & Pineapple Kona pop
Youthberry & wild orange blossom
Maharaja chai oolong
Strawberry rose with some other flavor. 

It's their "Opening the Doors" set. And it comes with rock sugar , which I love! AND tins for each one of those teas, with the names on each tin. 

The only thing it didn't come with was a label telling me how much of tea to put in for 8oz. water and how long to steep it for! So i ended up calling teavana, and they have all that info on their computers and told me. I wrote it all down and taped post its to the bottom of each tin :)

S the second thing the set doesn't come with is an infuser. I'm sure you all have seen my teapot before… but that has a home at my boyfriend's house. At my other house with my family I have this tea infuser, also from teavana that i bought years and years ago. Only downside is that it's not glass, it's plastic. But it's still very cool!

You put your tea leaves in and your water. Steep it for however long you need to...

Then when it's done steeping, you place it over your mug and it pours itself into your mug! It is a very cool invention!

And that's all for today's post. I needed to share more of my love for tea with you all ( and my boyfriend's new "like" for tea)!

Thanks for reading, and until next time!
Hope you all like tea as much as I do!

Much love, xoxo

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