Thursday, January 30, 2014

Hooked on games!

Hey loveycakes!

So for all of January i'm been addicted to Bakery Story on my iPad, if any of you play add "hotbuns91"  as your neighbor and then yay we'll be neighbors! I've just been so addicted that it's the first thing I do in the morning and the last thing I do before bed!

This isn't my bakery, but it looks pretty cool! I have no idea how to design mine and I never like it so i'm always changing things around in my bakery.

And then last night i found out my sister is playing Candy Crush on her iPad. And let me tell you, it took me like 6 months to get to level 40. There were 2 levels I was stuck on for the longest time that I played about 30times each before I passed that round. So now i've been addicted to cant crush because well my sister is on level 39, and i'm trying to make sure she doesn't get to my level!

And that's all for this week, besides me starting grad school i've pretty much been playing games. Haven't even started my homework yet, but I have til Monday !! I'm not procrastinating just yet…. right?

Hope some of you add me as your neighbor!

Love , 

Monday, January 20, 2014

DIY cute envelopes!

Hello loveycakes!

Today I wanted to show you how to make your own cute envelopes. Fancy envelopes can be pretty expensive in the store, so now you can make your own with either card stock or scrapbooking paper, and arts and crafts stores have many different varieties of patterns so i'm sure you'll find one you like!

These are what the envelopes I made look like! I also made mini ones for a Valentine's Day git, tutorial on that will be coming in a week or two! So that's also why this envelope tutorial is being posted first !

The envelopes I made:
 And then these are the mini ones I made for a DIY Valentine's Day gift idea :)

Here is the tutorial video on how to make these envelopes:

And then here is the template I used in case you guys want the same envelope template. Download that image, then open it and click print & to make bigger or smaller envelopes just change the size when you're about the print your template!

Hope you guys enjoyed this post and video on these super cute envelopes!

See you next time!


Thursday, January 16, 2014

New series on my channel?

Hello loveycakes,

So I was thinking of starting a tea series on my channel. Since i'm such a tea addict, I thought i'd pick a tea to review every first Tuesday of the month, tell you what's in it, where I bought it, how to steep it, and the benefits of that tea in particular. What do you think? Would you be interested in watching?

Originally I wanted to call it tea time.. But then I saw this.... so now I'm not so sure it's a good idea to call it that.
I do have another name in mind though, but I don't want to soil the beans just yet.

Right now i'd like to know if you'd be interested in watching a series like that? If once a month is okay or if I should do it more often?

Please let me know your thoughts!

Thanks loveycakes!

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Paper straws!

Hello loveycakes...

I'm going green. Well.... not really. I bought paper straws as you have probably already guessed from the title of this blog post, and I got a pack for $1 at target in the $1 section! I LOVE TARGET! Besides that, I thought i'd switch over to paper. I'm always buying plastic straws that are just not good for your health! So as much as i'd like to think i bought them because they are better for the environment, I didn't. I bought them for my health but that's equally as important right?

And they're just the cutest straws ever!

In the picture below you can see I have red striped, and pink striped paper straws. To the right in the picture I have a few stainless steel straws. I like those straws, and they're reusable, but not the best for cold drinks. The straw gets so much colder, making your lips feel so cold from your cold drink. Then in the back of the picture you can see I have two plastic straws. And i don't use those that much, I just have them because they came with my GIANT mason jars to drink from, and the other straws are kinda too small for the mason jars. So those tall plastic ones have to stay for now til i find extra long paper straws. 

And this was my green smoothie drinking from my first ever paper straw! Yes, it looks adorable I know. 

So i've pretty much tried to cut out as much plastic from my life as possible. I no longer drink water from bottles, so no poland spring for me. If I want to bring water with me, I use my Klean Kanteen. For coffee and tea on the go I use my $1 Starbacks reusable cups because they have a #5 recycle code, and that is SAFE for us to use. The plastic will not leech into your drink. Straws don't have plastic recycle codes, so just that tells us its bad. So I have cut out as much harmful plastic from my life that I can handle for now. I mean buying milk, to transfer into a glass container is such a pain in my butt. Because milk in glass containers leaves lines on the sides, and they're super hard to wash out. So I haven't quite done that yet. But I have been buying organic milk! 

Anyways I hope you all enjoyed this post on paper straws. They're so pretty looking and healthy. Though they're more like of a one time use only straw. But still awesome because they're sold at the $1 section at Target :D

Being Healthy (or trying to)
- Karolina

Saturday, January 4, 2014

Happy New Year!

Goodmorning loveycakes!

it is now the New Year, or it has been for a few days now, and I can't stop writing "2013" when I write the date. That's the hardest part of the new year, trying to remember to write down the new year ! Hahah. By the time I get the hang of it we'll be going into 2015 already!

To start the new year off right, I had to buy 2014 glasses, just for my boo and I to wear at home. We didn't go out, we both were happy and comfortable staying in at home and watching the ball drop on tv.

You like our glasses? My boyfriend's glasses light up red. Had to get him red because it's good luck to wear something red on the new year! and me? My glasses are pink... but I figured that's still in the red family. (right?)

Here is what my breakfast looks like approximately 3/4 days out of the week. When my boo doesn't have work in the morning, he goes all out to make me some breakfast! So I had french toast on croissant bread, breakfast burritos, bacon, and coffee! YUM!

So yesterday I had to go run some errands. My running around was for about 2 hours before I had to go to work. But I was running errands around my boyfriend's neighborhood where he works, and I ran into him! Made me so happy!

So anywyas, I ran out of calcium pills, so I had to go to the Vitamin Shoppe and buy some more. I buy the calcium pills with Vitamin D in them. But they also have calcium and magnesium together. But what is magnesium for? I have no idea. 

 Then I went to bed bath and beyond. I have these giant mason jars I bough for drinking, the lid has a hole to put in a straw. And i LOVE them. But they're a pain in my butt to clean cause I can't fit my hand in the jar to use the sponge to clean. Over time of using them and them apparently not getting properly cleaned, they started getting foggy. So i invested in a stainless steel long brush (I bought the round one with the bristles all around) and I paid $6 and something cents. You know I used my 20% off coupon!

Then at work later I was forced to go to mcdonalds. The little girl insisted on mcdonalds for dinner, so we went out in the is super cold weather in NYC right now, froze our fingers off but eventually got to mcdonalds and enjoyed some chicken nuggets. And i had some sweet tea.... that had NO lemons in it -_- because apparently they ran out and had no one to send downstairs to see if they had more in the back. Horrible customer service right there!

Well that was my day. We al have errand running days. And I have more to run today!
In the meantime if you're bored on this saturday, check out my new video I posted yesterday!

Happy Saturday!

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