Thursday, February 27, 2014

DIY chemical free deodorant! BUY it or DIY!

Hey loveycakes! Some of you may or may not have seen one of my latest videos on how to make your own chemical free deodorant. Making my own things, and being more natural is the route my boyfriend and I have been trying to take. 

Most people in this day in age will not leave their house without putting on some deodorant, because we all want to smell good! STORE BOUGHT DEODORANTS tend to have aluminum as an ingredient. Studies show that aluminum is linked to alzheimer's, brain disorders, and brain cancer to name a few. 

You may think that since you're not eating deodorant then it's not bad for you, but deodorant has been made to be absorbed by your skin to prevent you from being smelly from the inside out, so it does have an effect on your body. 

Now since you know all that, go make your own deodorant! It does require quite a bit of ingredients that you may not have lying around your house. So if you don't want to go out and buy all the ingredients, you can just buy a deodorant on my etsy shop here . 

If you do want to buy all the ingredients, then follow my video on how to make your own 100% natural. chemical-free deodorant!!

Hope you all enjoy these types of video! I'm definitely working on more DIY videos for you all, and am trying to be as natural and chemical free as possible!

Have a wonderful day loveycakes!!

Much love, 

Friday, February 21, 2014

Teavana deliciousness!

So the other day, my boo and I took a stroll around NYC. Well we really needed to go to a hardware store to pick up some lightbulbs, and I wanted to stop by Staples. 

Long story short, we saw a Teavana while running errands and OF COURSE i needed to go in. My babe also wanted Starbucks but i wasn't in the mood for coffee, so a cup of tea I thought i'd buy at teavana. And then my boo decided he'd have a cup of tea as well. 

So I bought a cold (kinda) cup of tea flared Blueberry Bliss and Pineapple Kona Pop. I like it kind cold. Though i didn't want it iced because i don't like ice :) i'm weird like that. And my babe got the Maharaja chai oolong (his favorite)

While we were in teavana we saw a box of tea that we would both really like….. and my babe ended up buying it for us. I wanted it..  but it was pricey and i wan't going to buy it especially since I don't exactly work right now. So my boo bought it for both of us! How nice and sweet of him!

So inside the box of tea is all of teavana's "display" teas. It's all the ones you'd walk into the store to try. 
Blueberry Bliss & Pineapple Kona pop
Youthberry & wild orange blossom
Maharaja chai oolong
Strawberry rose with some other flavor. 

It's their "Opening the Doors" set. And it comes with rock sugar , which I love! AND tins for each one of those teas, with the names on each tin. 

The only thing it didn't come with was a label telling me how much of tea to put in for 8oz. water and how long to steep it for! So i ended up calling teavana, and they have all that info on their computers and told me. I wrote it all down and taped post its to the bottom of each tin :)

S the second thing the set doesn't come with is an infuser. I'm sure you all have seen my teapot before… but that has a home at my boyfriend's house. At my other house with my family I have this tea infuser, also from teavana that i bought years and years ago. Only downside is that it's not glass, it's plastic. But it's still very cool!

You put your tea leaves in and your water. Steep it for however long you need to...

Then when it's done steeping, you place it over your mug and it pours itself into your mug! It is a very cool invention!

And that's all for today's post. I needed to share more of my love for tea with you all ( and my boyfriend's new "like" for tea)!

Thanks for reading, and until next time!
Hope you all like tea as much as I do!

Much love, xoxo

Saturday, February 15, 2014

My Valentine's Day!

First, I hope everyone had an amazing Valentine's Day! Whether you were with your significant other, family or friends, I hope you had a great time. See, Valentine's Day isn't just about spending time with you boyfriend/girlfriend especially if you don't have one, it's about spending time with your loved ones!

And last night when I went to the movies to see Endless Love, there were a lot of girls there with their girlfriends just hanging out !

Anyways, so my Valentine's Day started off with me waking up to this precious face. Isn't Kuba just so adorable?! He's such a baby!

Then I was getting ready to see my boyfriend later, So I took a quick shower, then painted my nails. I was originally only going to paint them with the dark base color, but then I got carried away and decided I wanted my nails to look super pretty for my boo. So nail art it was and that's what my nails turned out to look like. I didn't know they were going to come out that good, and now I wish I would have filmed a video ! Well, I was thinking of just recreating these nails for a video for next year for Valentine's Day!

So then when I got to my boo's house, he surprised me with these LAVENDER roses. He bought me red ones last year ( for some reason he doesn't like red roses, but bought them for out first Valentine's Day", and then decided on Lavender ones for this year. I know they look pink in the picture, but my babe told me that they're "lavender" not pink! They smelled absolutely wonderful ! And they were super fancy too not those cheap roses you buy. But very fancy with a dozen roses, big giant leaves folded over to make a pretty design as well as some small leaves, and then some idk circle things that I originally thought were rose buds but they weren't Cranberries or something?! who knows. 

 We then had dinner reservations at 6pm. We totally did not plan that out ahead of time, we were just going down the list of places we want to eat at but haven't gotten the chance to yet, and this French restaurant we wanted to try. We always go to this one French restaurant called "French Roast" and we LOVE it there, and their escargots are DELICIOUS. But we wanted to try this one called "Citron Bistro". Well the snails weren't that good here and I gave the rest to my boyfriend to eat. And they didn't have sweet wine, no Riesling or anything. So a cappuccino it was! and it was so yummy, I ended up having TWO!

This was the food we got. It was a cappuccino on the top left, then next to that was Duck breast, duck liver, and asparagus. (The duck great was so tender and delicious!), under the duck was a chocolate rose they gave us at the end of dinner. Bottom right was my boo's dinner and he had steak and potato fries. His steak wasn't that tasty though. Then bottom left was our dessert that was delicious! Cream puffs with vanilla gelato , covered in chocolate, and mint on top! YUMMY!

I actually ate the chocolate rose today, on 2/15/14, and boy it was so tasty. It was all white chocolate just dyed with foo coloring. And boy do I love me some white chocolate! So sweet and the worst kind of chocolate for you, but so delicious!

And that was my Valentine's Day!!!
Also for my boyfriend for Valentine's Day I made him a couple of things. 
I made him the countdown calendar that he loved opening every day in february until Valentine's Day! 

And I also made him this 52 reasons I love you book that' he's already read about 5 times, he just loved it so much !

And if you want to know what I made him last year was this pop up card that I attempted:

and this alphabet of love book I made as well!

Well now that you guys have all these great DIY ideas, go and make some! Doesn't have to be for just Valentine's Day, it could be for a birthday, or an anniversary, just any special occasion!

I love you all so much, thanks for not giving up on this blog and still reading!!


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