Monday, March 26, 2012

DIY face sugar scrub!

Hi lovies! This is just a natural homemade sugar scrub you can use on a daily basis to wash your face instead of all those products with chemicals in then. Natural is the way to go! And yes - this is similar to the lip scrub. But these ingredients are just so beneficial, why not put them on your face too?!

- 2 tablespoons of honey (for my jar- 6 tablespoons)
- 1 table spoon of lemon juice - using an actual lemon and squeezing it is better than using lemon juice from a bottle, but both will work (for my jar- 3 tablespoons)
- 1 tablespoon of olive oil (my jar- 3 tablespoons)
- 1.5 tablespoons of sugar (my jar- 6.5 tablespoons)

And here's the video just to watch for some fun and entertainment. And maybe to see my skin without makeup on. NO MEAN COMMENTS - please, and thank you. 
hope you guys liked this post and this video!
now go get crackalackin and make your own scrub! Remember, you can keep it up to about a week and no you don't have to keep it in the refrigerator!

Have fun~
xoxo Lina

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Hair bump contest winner!

Hey guys, time to announce the hair bump contest winner!!!

Winner is:


Same as all other contests, Winner has 48 hours to get back to me with the info I need and if not, then i'll be choosing a winner. I always YouTube msg the contest winners so that's that .

Thank you to everyone for entering!

And now go enter The Hunger Games giveaway! Because that one isn't ending for like 2 weeks =)

xoxo, Lina

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Food coma with my sister!

My sister went to IHOP today. I didn't really feel like making french toast or pancakes myself... so might as well go to IHOP and have someone else make food for me right?!

This is... being... cute? haha. I wanted to take a picture but sitting across the table from each other with no one else to take a picture for us was hard. So my hady dandy iphone shot the picture!

 First up: our drinks. 
The one on the top is a caramel hot chocolate. 
and the one on the bottom is a maple spice coffee (this one was mine and it was so delicious!)

Then I was being a creeper and took this picture of my sister drinking her hot chocolate. She didn't even know I took this piccay!

My sister's fruit. All she kept saying is "I want a side of fruit" . and now she has it!

 We look like fat-a**es. 

 My omelette. That was so amazingly delicious! I wish they would give me a recipe so i could try to attempt making it at home. 

It was a steak omelette with cheese, hash browns, mushrooms, tomatoes. and idk what else but it was just so good!

And now the New York strawberry cheesecake pancakes. I had to try them... i mean it said they're "NY". i couldn't resist the temptaion. They were amazing too and I loved the cheesecake pieces in my pancakes!

 My sister's pancakes. she just got some o'l plain boring buttermilk ones. Not as fun as mine!

My sister's omelette with lots of cheese, tomatoes and spinach. Her omelette is like a baby compared to mine! Mine was like HUGE!

 Then I smiled, didn't say cheese and sister took a picture!

And this is what my sister looks like on the other end with her food in front of her!

We had so much fun at IHOP. 

Later some guys came in and sat behind us. My sister said to me "the people behind us are so funny"
and of course I'm going to ask why and ask what they said. 
My sister tells me they said "which coffee are you getting?" and she said it was hilarious. 
I stared at her and said "yes, that was very funny"
and she started cracking up!

hahahah yeah i don't even know how that was funny either...

Cheesecake pancakes and giant omelettes,
xoxo, Lina

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Draw something

So my friend made me download this app called draw something and we've been playing for the past two days straight! It's so much fun that I'm having a hard time focusing on studying for my midterm. Then again that's prob not the games fault but my own because I don't want to study!

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Reunion with my baby!

My dog likes to sit on my car and pretend like he owns everything . 

I've missed my baby so much! This is the first time I see him in about 3 weeks or so if not even more! Man, how i've missed him. Thank goodness he still remembered who I was or I would have been in tears!

We sat in the car and ate dinner because puppies aren't really allowed in restaruants. or not any that i know of at least. And in the car while sharing food with me, he likes to stick his cute lil tongue out!

My baby also has a carseat. He could NEVER sit still in the car and always likes to walk all over the car and open windows which is no good at all! So this way with a carseat, he can't really go anywhere, and looks adorbs!

See what I mean when he's not in a carseat?! He climbs everywhere! He's like a monkey!

I love my baby so much and I've missed him tremendously. I wish I could have brought him with me to my room =/

Missing the cutest and sweetest man in my life, 
xoxo, Lina

Monday, March 19, 2012

Forever 21 shopping!

I like to walk into Forever 21... go straight to the accessories and play dress up! 
And then take the classic pictures in the mirror haha

I look so ... retro. right? Yeah.

 When I got back to my room... i played dress up some more and took MORE pictures. 
I was pretty much just addicted to the hats, the glasses, my lipstick color and everything. 

Then I go outside (keep in mind i live in NYC)... and i walk around in pajamas making it look like I have no pants on (which I promise i did). If only you guys saw me on the street like that you'd think "wow she's crazy" and prob not even realize who I was. Man i wouldn't even recognize myself if i saw me haha

crazy college kids, 
xoxo, Lina

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Videos of the week!

First video up this week is:

Second video was this review and giveaway! If you haven't entered yet, go do so now!

and the other video was just an announcement about the crown brush sale on Hautelook. It's still going on til tomorrow if you want to check it out!

we have:

and part 3 of the dogsitting video!

If you didn't see part 1, click here
And if you didn't see part 2, clicky here

we had Episode 3:

and episode 4

I hope you guys are liking this sort of recap post for the whole week every Sunday! I know you guys have lives so you don't watch my videos the day they are posted, so this way, instead of flipping through 3 channels, you have them all in one post!

Well, Happy Sunday!
xoxo, Lina

Saturday, March 17, 2012

OOTD #6 - where I bought my clothes

Hey guys! 

Here is OOTD #6 posted on my vlog channel, 

Since you guys are probably wondering where I got my clothes from.... or maybe you're not wondering. But I'll tell you anyway. 

Where I bought my clothes:
  • cheetah print scarf - Joyce Leslie
  • Poncho - my mom got from a friend so since it's a hand-me-down i guess we can say it was thrifted?
  • faux leather shorts - H&M
  • black leather boots - baker's
  • gloves - macy's
  • white long sleeve shirt - joyce leslie
  • black tights - Bebe
Hope you guys likey it, and happy Saturday!
xoxo, Lina

Friday, March 16, 2012

I was a stalker at the zoo...

So for one of my classes (ethology of animal behavior), I had to go to the zoo and record ONE animal for an hour. My group members and I decided we would do the red panda because it was just so cute!!

Did you know the red panda was the first panda before the giant panda (the black and white one)?

For an hour.... we recorded the red panda....
This was the male... the sleepy and lazy one. 

 This was our cutie who kept walking around i circles, over and over again. 

 This was the male (once he woke up). 
This picture looks like it would be in an animal magazine or something!

Had fun at the zoo. I also vlogged! So that video will be up in i don't know... like a year...

If you haven't been to the zoo since you were little then you should go. You'll see just how fun it is!

Cuteness and red pandas, 
xoxo, Lina

Thursday, March 15, 2012

The Hunger Games

I'm sure MOST of you have alreaedy heard of the Hunger Games in some way. 

Maybe you read the books? The Hunger Games is a trilogy so it consists of three books that you can seriously finish all in one week!

I just bought the first book a few days ago. First day I picked it up, I already read half. and by the time this post is posted i'll already be done with the book because I know i'm finishing the book in 2 days 

The book is ADDICTING! so make sure to cancel all plans!
Here I am... just reading. still in pajamas!
In jammies, hait up, glasses on, on my bed surrounded by my michael kors pillow and zebra print bedspread as well as a cup of nettle tea on the windowsill with the city view peeking through my window =) 

That's the life eh?

Anyways so.... there's a movie coming out on the Hunger Games March 23... and that's going to be based on the first book. Which is why i ave that one and not the rest yet. 

The hardcover is expensive, at $17.99 . That's a lot of money for a book! The soft cover is only $8.99. But now ehre's the problem. As you can see above, i needed to buy the hardcover. And why you may ask when the soft cover is like half that price?! Well because the other two books ONLY come in hardcover. And if i had 2 hardcover books and one softcover book, well it would annoy me so much that i'd have to buy the hardcover anyway. So that's my story. 

If any of you guys haven't heard of it... well i suggest you just go buy the book and read it because it's amazing. Then watch the movie when the movie comes out!

Addicted to the Hunger Games, 
xoxo, Lina

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

PinkyParadise contest winner!

The moment we have all been waiting for!


And the winner of the free pair of contact lenses plus a cute lens case is:

CONGRATULATIONS! and thank you all for entering this contest! There will be more contests in the future so be sure to keep an eye out for those! (Hint hint: there will be one posted either this friday or saturday on my main channel)

Anyways, so the winner needs to reply to my YT message within 48 hours giving me their facebook name (so i can check they followed the rules and clicked "like" on the pinky paradise Facebook fan page") and must give me their e-mail address!

If the winner does not respond within 48 hours, I will be choosing another winner!

So thanks again to everyone that entered, and YAY for future giveaway!

xoxo, Lina

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Christmas in March!

My long awaited Christmas presents from my best friend. yep, Christmas in march. 

Anyways.. so she bought this really cute Michael Kors set of a hat, gloves, and a scarf! It has the MK all over everything and I LOVE that! if i'm going to have something nice i want the whole world to see! Besides, Michael Kors is my favorite brand in the whole universe!

My best friend also got me this iPhone/iTouch headphones/ music player/ charger thingie! I've wanted one of these forever but they always seemed so expensive so I never actually bought one! I'm so glad my best friend got me one because i've been dying to get my hands on one of these babies!!

If you're reading this Melinda (best friend), i just want to thank you so much for being the most amazing best friend in the world. I love your gifts, they're always so thoughtful and so me, and i always love them! Thank you so much, you're truly amazing. I love you. 

Do you have Christmas in any month other than December!?

way overdue Christmas presents,
xoxo, Lina

Monday, March 12, 2012

Bow rings!!

So I went to forever 21 the other day and decided to look at their accessories... accessories ONLY! that's the only thing I was allowing myself to buy. 

Of course I bought some hats, a necklace, sunglasses, but most importantly, bow rings!
I don't remember exactly how much these cost but they were anywhere from $1.80 - $3.80 , no more tha that! And they're super adorable! I also bought the white and reddish pink for my sister.... but the turquoise was the last one and they only had my size!

So if any of you guys have been looking for bow rings, these are perfect!
(I know forever 21 had bow rings before, but those were a lot smaller and cheaper looking, these are way better!)

happy forever 21 accessory shopping!
xoxo, Lina

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Catching up on Sunday!

So ehre I'll show you a breakdown of the videos I posted this week. 

Since I have three channels now.. I have a lot of videos!! Haha  And also because i'm trying to catch up on posting haul videos! So this week... yeah i know way too many videos! I had a hard time keeping up myself!

From my main channel we had ALL of these videos just this week alone!

If you haven't entered the Giveaway yet, you still can because I have not yet ended it! But I will soon so make sure you enter ASAP!

From my VLOGGY channel we had some entertaining videos as well!
This video is my personal favorite. My friend and sister got a laugh at of this one... and this is what I have to deal with a couple of times a week!

For this video there's also a part one, so if you haven't seen that click here for part 1
Also, keep an eye out for part 3 to that video. I cut it up because it was just soo long!

And now for my NEW advice channel, we already have two videos!!
These videos will be called episodes just because I CANNOT make a video if you guys don't ask me things. So you know how episodes on TV are on one week and not the next? Well that's why it's an episode. Videos will only be posted here if you guys have an questions for help or any advice you need.

So Episode 1:

AND Episode 2:

I know this week was crazy and had SO many videos! This is 8 videos this week alone. CRAZY HUH?! For someone that has 6 classes and goes to school, tries to have a life, and is a youtube and blogger, i think that's an accomplishment!

Hope you guys enjoy! And since Sundays are usually lazy days, enjoy watching these videos while I study for my exam tomorrow. And feel free to wish me luck!

xoxo, Lina

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Grey contact lenses (pictures)!

Some of you guys had asked if I have any pictures in my gray contacts because apparently you can't see it well on my camera. 

So here you go!

I was so not photogenetic these days LOL. 
But here I am in the contacts at the grocery store...

Here I am trying to look pretty. I LOVE these color contacts, makes me look like i have hazel/green eyes. love it so much!

and another piccay

and another...

Then the next day i wore the contacts again and thought i'd take some more pictures for you guys so you can get a very good idea of what the contacts look like. 

and another picture. 

And just in case you want to see the review too.. either again or because maybe you missed it, well here it is!

Hope you guys like the contacts!
And don't forget to enter the giveaway!

Good luck, 
xoxo, Lina

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Sprinkles Cupcakes!

So I'm at Sprinkles like 1-3 times a week...
Here's a picture of me and one of my best friends outside of the Sprinkles store, first time we went!

First cupcake I ever had was a pumpkin cupcake that my other best friend bought me! You can see them in the picture below on the left side! (This one is still my favorite after all the ones i've tried so far)

Second one I had was a "free" salty caramel cupcake. 
And that one is pictured below in the top left corner. 
The other two are pumpkin and vanilla. 

I didn't like salty caramel at all. 

 Then I've tried a "free" red velvet. 
I didn't like this one either... Then again I don't like chocolate. The frosting was good though!

Then I had a raspberry chocolate chip! It was a chocolate cupcake with chocolate chip pieces inside and raspberry frosting! This one was actually pretty good. I liked the chocolate chips and the frosting but once again not big on chocolate cake. 

Lastly, so far, I've tried the lemon cake with the raspberry frosting! And this one was really good! Not as good as pumpkin but still very delicious!

Yes, I go to sprinkles a lot. I love cuppycakes. 
And they're not gonna make me fat like some people think they will!

One cupcake doesn't make you gain 20 pounds!

Cupcake love, 
xoxo, Lina

Sunday, March 4, 2012

This week's Sunday Funday!

This week we had not one , but TWO makeup tutorial videos! I hope you guys liked them both! And if you still haven't caught up and seen then,, here's a little recap for you!

This one was my entry for that contest to be the next beauty guru, and I didn't want to go for that classic red lip, so I decided I'd create a glamorous look without having to look overdone. 

Next was an everyday natural makeup look! Something you guys can wear pretty much whenever you want and any day you want! It's just something that will enhance more of your natural beauty!

And for my VLOG channel, we also had two new videos!

First, you got to see a sneak peak of what my Friday night looks like! Did I go out? NOPE. haha so join me on my friday night... we could have fun together!

And next we had a video of when I was dogsitting... because I took you guys along with me! This video actually comes in three parts... so here is the first part and keep an eye out for part 2 and part 3 which will be posted this coming week!

Hope you guys like these posts to sort of sum up the whole week of videos! This way you don't have to go search for what you missed but you can watch it all here!

Have a happy Sunday!!
xoxo, Lina

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Pretty woman.. walking down the street...

Alrighty... so I saw this beautiful pink trench coat in the store window of New York and company! I go in and look for my size... and the only one left is the one on the trench coat. wanna know what size it is?! XTRA LARGE!.

Yep... that would definitely fit me. 

 Then in Joyce Leslie I saw this Zebra print trench coat... 
Below I'm trying on a Medium. I wanted to buy it so much because I love how it looked but that's it. It looked good but didn't feel good. 

You've gotta be comfy in the clothes you wear! Buying something un-comfy is just going to sit in your closet never being worn!

And then we walked like "pretty woman" walking down the street in a bright red hat and some red lipstick to match... until I got back to my room.. hehe

I love that movie Pretty Woman. Anyone else?
My mom LOVES it too!!

Red hats and trench coats, 
xoxo, Lina

Thursday, March 1, 2012


WHen I went back home one Saturday afternoon..... first person i always go to is my dog! Yes he's a person... he has feelings and everything!

Well actually, Kuba runs first to me.... and then he's always by my side as I walk around the house. 

Then we had some kissing moments here...
I love puppy kisses! Especially his! He's the only dog allowed to kiss my face. I know where his mouth has been and I know he's a part of my family.... we're like just not blood related! hehe

His kisses aren't so all over the place and sloppy, his tongue is just so cute, and his kisses are to die for. I miss my baby!!

 And here we're saying "Cheese"! or well i'm saying "cheese" and he's saying "put me down already!"

Is anyone else attached to their pet this much?!

I sure am!

Pets are family. They become a part of your family,
xoxo, Lina

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