Saturday, March 3, 2012

Pretty woman.. walking down the street...

Alrighty... so I saw this beautiful pink trench coat in the store window of New York and company! I go in and look for my size... and the only one left is the one on the trench coat. wanna know what size it is?! XTRA LARGE!.

Yep... that would definitely fit me. 

 Then in Joyce Leslie I saw this Zebra print trench coat... 
Below I'm trying on a Medium. I wanted to buy it so much because I love how it looked but that's it. It looked good but didn't feel good. 

You've gotta be comfy in the clothes you wear! Buying something un-comfy is just going to sit in your closet never being worn!

And then we walked like "pretty woman" walking down the street in a bright red hat and some red lipstick to match... until I got back to my room.. hehe

I love that movie Pretty Woman. Anyone else?
My mom LOVES it too!!

Red hats and trench coats, 
xoxo, Lina

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