Sunday, March 11, 2012

Catching up on Sunday!

So ehre I'll show you a breakdown of the videos I posted this week. 

Since I have three channels now.. I have a lot of videos!! Haha  And also because i'm trying to catch up on posting haul videos! So this week... yeah i know way too many videos! I had a hard time keeping up myself!

From my main channel we had ALL of these videos just this week alone!

If you haven't entered the Giveaway yet, you still can because I have not yet ended it! But I will soon so make sure you enter ASAP!

From my VLOGGY channel we had some entertaining videos as well!
This video is my personal favorite. My friend and sister got a laugh at of this one... and this is what I have to deal with a couple of times a week!

For this video there's also a part one, so if you haven't seen that click here for part 1
Also, keep an eye out for part 3 to that video. I cut it up because it was just soo long!

And now for my NEW advice channel, we already have two videos!!
These videos will be called episodes just because I CANNOT make a video if you guys don't ask me things. So you know how episodes on TV are on one week and not the next? Well that's why it's an episode. Videos will only be posted here if you guys have an questions for help or any advice you need.

So Episode 1:

AND Episode 2:

I know this week was crazy and had SO many videos! This is 8 videos this week alone. CRAZY HUH?! For someone that has 6 classes and goes to school, tries to have a life, and is a youtube and blogger, i think that's an accomplishment!

Hope you guys enjoy! And since Sundays are usually lazy days, enjoy watching these videos while I study for my exam tomorrow. And feel free to wish me luck!

xoxo, Lina

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