Thursday, March 15, 2012

The Hunger Games

I'm sure MOST of you have alreaedy heard of the Hunger Games in some way. 

Maybe you read the books? The Hunger Games is a trilogy so it consists of three books that you can seriously finish all in one week!

I just bought the first book a few days ago. First day I picked it up, I already read half. and by the time this post is posted i'll already be done with the book because I know i'm finishing the book in 2 days 

The book is ADDICTING! so make sure to cancel all plans!
Here I am... just reading. still in pajamas!
In jammies, hait up, glasses on, on my bed surrounded by my michael kors pillow and zebra print bedspread as well as a cup of nettle tea on the windowsill with the city view peeking through my window =) 

That's the life eh?

Anyways so.... there's a movie coming out on the Hunger Games March 23... and that's going to be based on the first book. Which is why i ave that one and not the rest yet. 

The hardcover is expensive, at $17.99 . That's a lot of money for a book! The soft cover is only $8.99. But now ehre's the problem. As you can see above, i needed to buy the hardcover. And why you may ask when the soft cover is like half that price?! Well because the other two books ONLY come in hardcover. And if i had 2 hardcover books and one softcover book, well it would annoy me so much that i'd have to buy the hardcover anyway. So that's my story. 

If any of you guys haven't heard of it... well i suggest you just go buy the book and read it because it's amazing. Then watch the movie when the movie comes out!

Addicted to the Hunger Games, 
xoxo, Lina

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