Wednesday, February 29, 2012

My day at IHOP!

Nothing is better than free pancakes!!
Of course, they do it hoping you'll make a donation to the children's hospital... which I did!

But still.... free pancakes, plus doing something nice!!

Here was my night!
First we waited on this line.. got there at 9pm when the whole thing of free pancakes ends at 10pm...

Then we looked at the menu... and everything looked so delicious!

So we ordered some coffee! I know that late at night... I was up til 4am!! And what time did I get up.... 8:40am. Anyways the one in the top right corner is a swiss mocha coffee which is what my friend got.... and that comes with chocolate syrup on top. And I got a vanilla coffee! Both look so delicious!

Then I'm drinking this GIANT cup of coffee. This is like actually two cups of coffee instead of one. 

And my pancakes.... Sad part is we didn't have any utensils on our table and no regular maple syrup.... By the time the waiter brought that over.. my butter made a whole in my pancake (as shown above)! But it was still very delicious!

Then since we made friends with a table across from us... and they stared down our coffee... They were trying to top us and got this ginormous strawberry milkshake.... so I asked if i could take a picture LOL... and I did.... and the guy put some thumbs up in there too haha

And here is my bestie and she's very silly!
I really like this picture of her!

We had so much fun last night. Our nice IHOP date started at 8:15pm and ended at 11:28pm... that's a pretty long time for some free pancakes! hehe but it was a lot of fun! AND we made MORE plans to hang out..... maybe i'll start filming some vlogs... hmmm. there's an idea!!

For those of you that went and got free pancakes, I hopee your time spent there was as much fun as mine!

Have a happy Wednesday!

xoxo, Lina

Monday, February 27, 2012

Biggest cupcake I've ever seen!

Okay so it's not a REAL cupcake! But it sure is a mighty big one!

I saw this outside of bloomingdale's in the city in the window.... by the Louis Vuitton section as you can see in the piccay it says "ouis vuitton" hehe.... the "L" ran away!

It just looked like such a beautiful cupcake, i wish it was in my room! It would be a decoration!

Hope this giant cupcake puts a smile on someone's face!

Now since we can't have this giant cupcake, let's go get a smaller one ... one that we can eat!!

Yummy yummy yummy,
xoxo, Lina

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Sunday Funday!

So if you guys didn't see a similar post last week then i'll explain again. Every Sunday I'm going to put all the videos I put up this past week in this blog post. The video of the day this blog is posted will not be included as Sunday is the beginning of a new week. 

So first video was a Beauty channel video! Jewelry collection & storage! I was thinking you guys would want to see a video like that!

And the second beauty channel video was a makeup tutorial you guys have been dying to see!

Then we had a vloggy video that came in two parts! No one but two!
First part:

And then in part two, we get all personal and you guys get to hear a story from when I still lived in Poland.! How exciting right? I mean the story isn't all that happy but still exciting that you guys know a lil something something about me!

Enjoy your Sunday everyone!
And if you feel a bad Sunday coming on, just watch/re-watch all these videos!!
Meanwhile.... I'll be suffering in a Sunday class... in which my research paper is due!

Good luck to me,
and Happy Sunday to you!

xoxo, Lina

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Kandee's Giveaway!

Okay so who doesn't like free stuff?!

We all LOVE free stuff! 

So you wanna win some glam goodies?! Kandee Johnson is giving away 50 EYEKO Mascara's (worth $19 each) on her blog! check it out:

It would be amazing if either I or one of my subbie family would win! I mean 50 people, so we all got a pretty good shot!

Good luck to you all! 

xoxo, Lina

snack time!

My choice of snack this time around, Chips Ahoy! I got the family size ones because well... I lovey cookies!

 And I lovery chocolate chip cookies even more when I did them in microwaved milk while I'm reading for homework! Best distraction!

I know this makes you want to go get some cookies now...
It's like a commercial. 

It's mm mmm goood!

You gotta eat cookies sometimes. Yeah they're not 100% organic and they're not 100% healthy... but they make you 100% happy!

xoxo, Lina

Thursday, February 23, 2012

my GUARD dog

Meet Kuba.... if you haven't met him already. 

He likes to sit on the kitchen table as I'm writing a paper on a Saturday afternoon and watch outside the window making sure nothing too crazy is going on out there. He likes to move my laptop over and everything just so he can be comfy. 

Does the same thing in bed! Doesn't matter where I'm laying all that matter is where he wants to lay. So he'll push you over and squish you. 

Not only does he like looking into the outside world outside the window, but also likes to keep an eye on the lizard in the house. (Now there's only one lizard in the house, RIP Ginger)

 Kuba is making sure the lizard (named Mibrus) isn't going anywhere!

I love my bossy lil guard dog who thinks he's actually 10 times his size and can take people on!

Hope this made someone smile!

xoxo, Lina

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Purple cut crease!

Hey guys! So here is the long awaited purple cut crease eye makeup look!
It was also another highly requested video/look so it has finally arrived!

Here's the video:

Products used:
  • Urban Decay eyeshadow primer potion in Original
  • Soft Brown eyeshadow from MAC
  • NYX Jumbo eye pencil in Milk
  • L'oreal carbon black extra-intense liquid pencil eyeliner
  • INGLOT eyeshadow in 441 Pearl
  • INGLOT eyeshadow in 320 Matte
  • Crystal Avalanche eyeshadow from MAC
  • Vanilla eyeshadow from MAC
  • Concrete eyeshadow from MAC
  • Carbon eyeshadow from MAC
  • Maybelline eyestudio liner in charcoal
  • Tweezerman eyelash curler
  • Maybelline falsies lash mascara
  • Nivea chapstick
  • NYX lip liner in dolly pink
  • NYX lipstick in Harmonica
  • Physician's formula blush in Pink
Hope you guys like this look!
Thanks for watching, and reading!

xoxo, Lina

Monday, February 20, 2012

INGLOT makeup

The very first time I found out about inglot makeup was like almost 4 years ago when I was in Poland. My family and I were in the mall, and we saw inglot makeup and we were like hey let's go see if this makeup is any good". 

I've NEVER heard about inglot before, i didn't even know we had it in the city! Or well maybe we didn't because I know the macy's counter is only about 2 years old and the actual inglot store... well that i don't know. 

Bute 4 years ago i loved their eyeshadow. Of course though they used to sell them in plastic containers that would break and ruined my eyeshadows, but i'd keep trying to use my broken ones because i loved it so much!

AND behold! 4 years later I know all about the inglot places in NYC, and now that i live in NYC... might as well take the time to go there!

So this is what I bought....

ALL of the rainbow eyeshaodw colors. In NY regular inglot eyeshadows are $5 and the rainbow ones are $7. MUCH cheaper than MAC, and just as good quality!

SO I made a whole palette. I figured that I might as well get it all at once since either way i'll end up having them all anyway. 

 Then I was thinking about MAC's candy yum yum collection and their viva glam lipstick from the lady gaga collection and how everything is limited time only.. I decided to get bright barbie pink lipstick and pencil from inglot. and boy am i in love!

Here I used all inglot eyeshadows as well as the lipstick pictured above!
Oh and the lipstick is in the color 141 just in case you're wondering!

Happy shopping for inglot makeup...
xoxo, Lina

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Videos uploaded this past week!

Hey guys!

So I decided that every Sunday I would post the videos that I uploaded this past week just in case you guys missed them! And for this blog series I don't know what you guys consider the first or last day of the week.... but Sunday to me is considered the first day of the week. SO, with that said... the video posted today.. will be in next weeks post on Sunday.

So two videos were vloggy videos:


Then for my main channel, two new videos this week are:


Enjoy your Sunday Funday of these newest videos!!!!

xoxo, Lina

Saturday, February 18, 2012

BFVA event

Just realized I never posted pictures from the BFVA event, i mean i did in a video, but never a bloggy.

So i'll link the video below... and here's some pictures that weren't in the video. 

 A picture of my Minx nails that I got done. Or rather one nail on each hand. I love the whole sailor thing so that's why I chose that design as opposed to others!

 Earlier that day I was in school because I had to go take care of some stuff like pay for my dorm room and such. So of course, I stopped by the bathroom and took some pictures for you guys! This way you have a better idea of what my makeup looked like when it was all pretty... before it started going everywhere haha!

And for more piccays you can watch the video from the event that I made! With other people I met and others that were there!


xoxo, Lina

Thursday, February 16, 2012

My view from my dorm room!

So as most of you know, or all of you really should know from my facebook, or twitter... that i moved into a dorm room from my school. I was sooo soo so happy!

And I'm finally all moved in, there's just things I need to get here and there, and decorate some more since I might end up living here for a year and a half! (Now that would be UH-MAY-ZING!, like a dream come true!) 

So the day I moved in.. my sister slept over and well one of the bathrooms on the main floor was so pretty I needed to take a picture!
So that's my sister and I just chilling in some lazy clothes. We needed to carry Lots and lots of suitcases, a mini refrigerator, some dressers that I already had filled with stuff so I had less to unpack later and stuff, and everything was just SOOO HEAVY! so yeah we needed to wear comfy clothes for this stuffies!

Now here is my view from my room :D I just love being in the city!
Isn't it bee-yooh-tiful!!!

Gosh, I just love the city so much. I figured it was better I dorm now then maybe later when I grow up and I don't have money to live here! At least dorming is cheaper than living in an apartment! I'm just thankful I live in New York, i'm so lucky!

Just thought i'd share this with you guys, i hope this beautiful view can brighten up someone's day!

I love you all, 
xoxo, Lina

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Caramel, walnuts, & brownies!

I was in a baking mood (yes I know it's cheating to make it from a box) but this just looked so delicious!

Turtle brownie mix with caramel and walnuts!
Why is "turtle" always associated with caramel? You got turtle chocolate (caramel inside), turtle cappucino blast from Dunkin donuts, also caramel... turtle brownie mix with caramel!

I don't get how a turtle resembles caramel in any way...

This was the mix after I added in all the ingredients. 

My brother and my sister licking the bowl because they couldn't wait to eat the brownie!

And less than 12 hours later... the brownie was almost gone.... -_-

It was reallly really good though! If you guys haven't made this one yet, you better go buy it and bake it! It's so delicious! And i got my pack from Target!

Caramel, walnuts and brownies, 
xoxo, Lina

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Take it one day at a time...

I thought i'd share these inspirational things with you all! They were inspirational to me and I wanted to take them home with me to put on my wall....but I just don't have room for them. 

Happiness is not a destination, it is a way of life!
Thinking more positively in your days, not letting things get to you, and taking like not to seriously will help you achieve that. If you lose something, it's okay. We're human, we lose things all the time. If you break something, it's okay, it's just a material thing, you can buy another one. Little things like that, know that it's okay. Sure maybe you have to start something all over again or spend money and buy something again if you break it, but they are things that can be done over again and can be replaced, they're not things you need to get worked up about. Just let it go, and you'll be happier. 

This one you parents would probably love for you to have on your wall. Well maybe the listen more part and argue less haha. 

But this I liked a lot too. Just read it and it speaks for itself. 

Hope this post maybe has helped someone today. 

xoxo, Lina

Monday, February 13, 2012

Be the next beauty guru!

So as many of you already probably know, L'oreal Paris is doing this event thing where they'll be making someone youtube famous! Okay, well I don't know if you'll be youtube famous, but you will probably be pretty popular on youtube, as well as receiving free products from L'oreal. 

It's basically a contest in which L'oreal is on a search for the next beauty guru. 
You have to create a hollywood red carpet look, and upload and some other stuffs, and the winner wins! hehe

I'll definitely be entering this contest, and I really hope I win, or one of you guys wins! 
Wish me luck, and good luck to you all!

For more information about the contest, click here, and that's where you can find more about the rules and such!

xoxo, Lina

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Smokey Saturday!

Hey guys! This is MY TAKE on smokey eyes. I've wore this look in SO many of my videos and I absolutely love it. You guys loved it too because it was highly requested! Hope you all enjoy the video!

Products used:
  • MAC paint pot in Painterly all over the lid
  • MAC Satin Taupe eyeshadow all over the lid
  • MAC Embark eyeshadow in the outer V and crease area
  • MAC Carbon eyeshadow in the outer V
  • MAC All that glitters in the inner corner of the eye
  • MAC Phloof! under the brow-bone as a highlight
  • MAC Soft Brown just to blend the colors
  • MAC retrospeck in the inner corner
  • MAC Smolder eyeliner
  • Twezerman eyelash color in rose gold
  • Mascara.. I think I used L'oreal voluminous millions lashes
  • MAC Brun to fill in my eyebrows
  • Urban Decay Naked lipliner
  • MAC Myth lipstick
  • Nars lipgloss in Turkish Delight

Sorry that most of these products were from MAC. I did not plan it out that way, and it's not a sponsored video just because I used their products. I just love MAC makeup

Hope you guys liked this video! And thank you for watching!

xoxo, Lina

Friday, February 10, 2012

The best Clif bar yet!

I have just discovered this flavor cliff bar! I eat like one of these every day that I have school since I have so many classes in one day!

I started off eating just chocolate chip which were really good! And now I found COCONUT chocolate chip, and this one is even better!

I have yet to find a big box of these those.... because I really want these for school. 

I saw them sold individually..... but getting a big box is always cheaper!

I think I'll go look on amazon now... 

Clif bar shopping online, 
xoxo, Lina

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Have't seen my recent haul?

If ya haven't seen it...
here it is!

It's a haul of Pandora, CVS, target, and PINK by Victoria's Secret.

Keep in mind that since I work at Pandora or did work at Pandora, i get a slight discount. It's not like I paid $1,000 for all those charms, because I didn't.

As for target, well target always gets me. everything always seems cheaper than everywhere else and i always end up filling my cart or my basket and when i get to the register i'm like oh crap! haha

CVS, well everytime i walk into CVS i always have a HUGE LIST of things i want to buy of products i've heard about and want to try for myself, so i always leave with a lot of stuff from there too.

As for PINK by Victoria's Secret, the reason all the items i purchased were so cheap was because it was during the semi-annual sale that was going on in January! (but not to worry, there will be another semi-annual sale in June!)

So i hope you all enjoy this video!!
And if any of you have requests, let me know!

xoxo, Lina

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Video on starry night nails? Yes, no, maybe so?

So this was my first attempt at starry night (galaxy) nails. 
Do you guys like them? They look A BIT messy.... but isn't that what a galaxy looks like? with colors everywhere?

Everyone at work (co-workers and customers) seemed to love them and ask how I did them. They thought I went to a nail salon to have them done like this!

I filmed a tutorial on this.... did you guys want to actually see it? Or maybe you don't like it? Let me know!

I might just put it up anyway, but i'd love to know if you guys actually want to see it. 

I want to hear from you!
xoxo, Lina

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Help me name this look!

There will be a tutorial on this eventually! It's filmed, but not edited. And there's 4 other videos that need to go up before it! Haha I think it kina of looks galaxy like?

I was thinking galaxy eyes.....

Maybe you guys can think of a better name for this look!

Oh and I did galaxy nails to go with it..... there will be a tutorial on that too eventually...

I love looking at the sky, the sun, the moon, and the stars. It's just so relaxing. 

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