Wednesday, February 29, 2012

My day at IHOP!

Nothing is better than free pancakes!!
Of course, they do it hoping you'll make a donation to the children's hospital... which I did!

But still.... free pancakes, plus doing something nice!!

Here was my night!
First we waited on this line.. got there at 9pm when the whole thing of free pancakes ends at 10pm...

Then we looked at the menu... and everything looked so delicious!

So we ordered some coffee! I know that late at night... I was up til 4am!! And what time did I get up.... 8:40am. Anyways the one in the top right corner is a swiss mocha coffee which is what my friend got.... and that comes with chocolate syrup on top. And I got a vanilla coffee! Both look so delicious!

Then I'm drinking this GIANT cup of coffee. This is like actually two cups of coffee instead of one. 

And my pancakes.... Sad part is we didn't have any utensils on our table and no regular maple syrup.... By the time the waiter brought that over.. my butter made a whole in my pancake (as shown above)! But it was still very delicious!

Then since we made friends with a table across from us... and they stared down our coffee... They were trying to top us and got this ginormous strawberry milkshake.... so I asked if i could take a picture LOL... and I did.... and the guy put some thumbs up in there too haha

And here is my bestie and she's very silly!
I really like this picture of her!

We had so much fun last night. Our nice IHOP date started at 8:15pm and ended at 11:28pm... that's a pretty long time for some free pancakes! hehe but it was a lot of fun! AND we made MORE plans to hang out..... maybe i'll start filming some vlogs... hmmm. there's an idea!!

For those of you that went and got free pancakes, I hopee your time spent there was as much fun as mine!

Have a happy Wednesday!

xoxo, Lina

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