Saturday, February 4, 2012

Help me name this look!

There will be a tutorial on this eventually! It's filmed, but not edited. And there's 4 other videos that need to go up before it! Haha I think it kina of looks galaxy like?

I was thinking galaxy eyes.....

Maybe you guys can think of a better name for this look!

Oh and I did galaxy nails to go with it..... there will be a tutorial on that too eventually...

I love looking at the sky, the sun, the moon, and the stars. It's just so relaxing. 



  1. you should name your galaxy look "sparkling wonders" , idk it sounds nice lol. btw can you make a video on how to straghitn your own hair & how to put makeup on for everyday use thats a fresh n clean look

    1. o0o0o i like that name for this look! Thank you, i might be using that!

      sure i'll add those requests to my list of requests.... i'll do the video.i just don't know when! i'll try to get it up ASAP, everything is just so hard to do during school if i don't have videos pre filmed like I do. So filming outside of that is like AHHH ahha, but i'll try my best!


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