Saturday, February 18, 2012

BFVA event

Just realized I never posted pictures from the BFVA event, i mean i did in a video, but never a bloggy.

So i'll link the video below... and here's some pictures that weren't in the video. 

 A picture of my Minx nails that I got done. Or rather one nail on each hand. I love the whole sailor thing so that's why I chose that design as opposed to others!

 Earlier that day I was in school because I had to go take care of some stuff like pay for my dorm room and such. So of course, I stopped by the bathroom and took some pictures for you guys! This way you have a better idea of what my makeup looked like when it was all pretty... before it started going everywhere haha!

And for more piccays you can watch the video from the event that I made! With other people I met and others that were there!


xoxo, Lina

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