Thursday, February 23, 2012

my GUARD dog

Meet Kuba.... if you haven't met him already. 

He likes to sit on the kitchen table as I'm writing a paper on a Saturday afternoon and watch outside the window making sure nothing too crazy is going on out there. He likes to move my laptop over and everything just so he can be comfy. 

Does the same thing in bed! Doesn't matter where I'm laying all that matter is where he wants to lay. So he'll push you over and squish you. 

Not only does he like looking into the outside world outside the window, but also likes to keep an eye on the lizard in the house. (Now there's only one lizard in the house, RIP Ginger)

 Kuba is making sure the lizard (named Mibrus) isn't going anywhere!

I love my bossy lil guard dog who thinks he's actually 10 times his size and can take people on!

Hope this made someone smile!

xoxo, Lina

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