Monday, February 20, 2012

INGLOT makeup

The very first time I found out about inglot makeup was like almost 4 years ago when I was in Poland. My family and I were in the mall, and we saw inglot makeup and we were like hey let's go see if this makeup is any good". 

I've NEVER heard about inglot before, i didn't even know we had it in the city! Or well maybe we didn't because I know the macy's counter is only about 2 years old and the actual inglot store... well that i don't know. 

Bute 4 years ago i loved their eyeshadow. Of course though they used to sell them in plastic containers that would break and ruined my eyeshadows, but i'd keep trying to use my broken ones because i loved it so much!

AND behold! 4 years later I know all about the inglot places in NYC, and now that i live in NYC... might as well take the time to go there!

So this is what I bought....

ALL of the rainbow eyeshaodw colors. In NY regular inglot eyeshadows are $5 and the rainbow ones are $7. MUCH cheaper than MAC, and just as good quality!

SO I made a whole palette. I figured that I might as well get it all at once since either way i'll end up having them all anyway. 

 Then I was thinking about MAC's candy yum yum collection and their viva glam lipstick from the lady gaga collection and how everything is limited time only.. I decided to get bright barbie pink lipstick and pencil from inglot. and boy am i in love!

Here I used all inglot eyeshadows as well as the lipstick pictured above!
Oh and the lipstick is in the color 141 just in case you're wondering!

Happy shopping for inglot makeup...
xoxo, Lina

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