Sunday, July 31, 2011

Hair dye!

Just in case anyone wanted to know.... 
i thought i'd share with you all what hair dye I use now. 

U used to use revlon dark ash brown. but I will NEVER again get an "ash" color. those are the worst to get out of your hair if you don't want that color anymore. It took me 4 hours at the hair salon and $250. so yeah, never again!

now i use a natural color since i didn't want the orange in my hair anymore after i got it done at the hair salon. so this is what i use now. 
It's Clairol nice n easy in the color 116 (natural light neutral brown). They also have 116A, the colors are slightly different. But since the color runs out super fast at my CVS, i buy whichever one they have in stock at the time i need it. 

Just dyed my hair...because the sun is making my orange hair shine through
xoxo, Lina

Thursday, July 28, 2011


Although gum isn't that great for you, once in a while won't kill!

So remember when you were little and you LOVED BUBBLEGUM?! Lets take a trip down bubblry (bubblegum + memory = bubblry) lane!

HUBBA BUBBA! is just so amazing! there's also Bubbalicious! But their gum pieces are humongous! I was just wondering, how did i fit that whole piece in my mouth as a kid when i have a hard time doing it now?

Bubblegum delight,
xoxo, Lina

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Food, outfits, and my parent's 25th anniversary!

So yesterday, my puppy learned how to drive! He's already so good, aww my little man is growing up so fast.
Isn't he just the cutest little puppy in the world?! Aww i love him so much!

And then we went out to dinner with my parents for their anniversary, and what better way to celebrate then to go out and have some sushi?!
After eating that whole plate, i think i'm sushi set for life!

We also took some piccays of us. I was going to post some up from my camera.... but I don't know where that wire is to hook up to my laptop. =/ And i wanted to make one of the pictures my new default! In the mean time, here's some crappy ones taken on my phone. 
My outrageous outfit of the day. 

Mommy all ready to go out. 

Brother not wanting to be in the picture.

Daddy and his Nike shirt. 

And mommy trying daddy's food. and not liking it haha. 

And i guess that's all. But my tummy was so full of sushi and everything!

Eating chocolate and writing a letter, 
xoxo, Lina

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

OOTS Summer 2011

YAY new video i posted! But i'm kind of upset the ending got messed up... i mean it looked good when i was editing it, so i have no idea what happened =/ Hope you all still enjoy though. And for those of you wondering, no, that's not my backyard. But the backyard looks so much better then my other OOTS for spring. 

A sneaky peek, before watching the video... well also the picture i created to be the display for the video.
That's not all of the outfits, there's like 3 more, but they wouldn't fit! haha

Hope you all enjoy this video and definitely let me know which outfit is your favorite!!

Summer outfits,
xoxo, Lina

Saturday, July 23, 2011

I know it's hot...

and we all just want to lay in bed, doing absolutely nothing! Just like me... BUT i'm going to try to be productive. 

My to do list:
- take the sheets off my bed, so mommy could wash them (because i don't really know how to do laundry.... is anyone else with me?)
- take all the recycling bottles to the recycling place and get 5 cents for each bottle. Yep, i'm going to be rich!
- make a video...(OOTS summer so its ready by Tuesday)
- study and do homework because I have an exam tuesday
- paint my nails, because i'm bored with this color.
- shower... again.... because i'm dying of sweat every time i walk outside
- find out my work schedule for the upcoming week (i worked like nonstop this week... and i just want to relax now)
- put away all these clothes in my room.
- got to CVS, buy hair dye, and dye my hair, because my roots are showing.
- wash my car again even though I washed it a week ago
- buy shatter nail polish for one of the girls i babysit

Out of all those things, i'm going to get like 3 things done. But, hey it's better than nothing!

Off to tackle my to do list, 
xoxo, Lina

Monday, July 18, 2011

Best smell ever!

You all may think i'm nuts and have completely gone bonanzas, but i don't care because I'm going to share this with you all anyway!

For the past 3 years I've LOVED the smell of Fierce cologne from Abercrombie. My ex-boyfriend used to wear it and I just fell in love with the smell. Then we broke up and blah blah i couldn't be around the smell for a while so i have time to get over him. 3 years later... i still love the smell, and was able to finally bring myself to buy the cologne. I have worn it before and some woman came up to me and said 
woman: "i love your perfume, where's it from?"
i said: "umm, well it's actually cologne, it's called fierce from abercrombie"
woman said: "wow doesn't even smell like a men's cologne, it just smells so good"

the point here is that it doesn't matter if something is actually made for another gender. If you like it, then wear it! I actually just had my brother's friend tell me that he has friends who wear girl's perfume because they like the more delicate smell then the harsh smells cologne tends to have. 

I remember I used to walk by Abercrombie, walk in, spray myself with fierce and walk out. It's a bit on the expensive side so i tried to save money by just spraying myself with it while i was at the mall. But I just needed to buy it, it was about time!

In New York where I live, it's $44 for the small bottle, and $54 for the big one. I figured the big one is a lot bigger so I might as well just get the bigger one for an extra 10 bucks. 

Quote of the day made up by me, or saying rather:
Don't be afraid to shy away from the norm. 

Men's cologne, 
xoxo, Lina

I currently smell so deliciouuuss!! (yes, I am wearing the fierce cologne)

Sunday, July 17, 2011

6 hours of hard labor

I'm not sure if i'll have a video up by tuesday. I cleaned my car today... took 6 hours leaving me with no time to make my video. And I work hardcore this week so i honestly don't know when i'll have time to make a new video. It suckies. Because when I get home from school, i have like 20 minutes, and then i have to get ready and go to work. That's my life. 

But never again, do i want to clean my car for six hours. Had to hose it does first and get rid of dirt that would wash off. then use the car wash cleaner and scrub your car down. then hose that off. and make sure you got everything. let that dry, then prewax you car, and buff that, seal, and buff that, wax, and buff that. then you had to clean the leather interior, and then condition it, Clean the windows, we windexed them, (just not from the inside yet because the tints are still very new), vacuumed the car, then cleaned the rims, and conditioned that. It was such a very long process, and i was dying form the heat!

But, all that hard work made my car look super sexy!
Look how shiny it is, and how the tints make my car look so shmexy, and the rims, how clean they are!

But next time, I think I rather pay someone to do some detailed cleaning on my car. That work was intense!

Clean cars,
xoxo, Lina

Saturday, July 16, 2011

My great adventure at Six Flags!

Some of knew that I was at Six Flags yesterday, and maybe some of you didn't. But now you all know!
I didn't have my camera or my phone on me til I got back in the car, but my friend did have her camera and we took a few pictures. We didn't take pictures of the roller-coasters or anything because well we were like running around the park back of forth, going on the rides we wanted to go on. 

We actually ended up going on A LOT of rides, and that's without the flash pass! It was a great day to go. It was a bit hot, but the lines weren't that long at all. The longest we waited was like 45 minutes and that was for the new ride, Green Lantern. We also went on Kingda Ka, El Toro, Batman, Dark night, Nitro, Medusa (now called bizzaro), Rolling Thunder, Superman, Runaway Train, and some other we came across... we went on a total of 15 rides, and left at like 7pm so we didn't even stay the whole time. 

Here's some pictures we did get to take...
 Above is my sister and I before we got into the park
 Above from left to right: Kaylee (our best friend), Me, Paulina (my sister). Taken at the water fountain at the entrance of six flags
 Then we all got capes, and decided to fly like Batman because we're cool. From Left to right: Me, Paulina, Kaylee
And then some beautiful scenery we saw on the car ride home

It was a super fun day, and we all totally wish we could replay it. Great memories that will stay with us forever. YAY!

Rollercoasters and killing feet, 
xoxo, Lina

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Very first haul video!

For those of you that actually visit my facebook page have told me you'd like to see a haul video! Also, thanks for being so amazing and actually giving me feedback. 

For those of you saying "woah, Lina maria has a facebook page?" well yes, yes I do. There I ask for opinions, link my blog, my new video, etc... So if you'd like to join my facebook family, just clicky here.

Same with twitter, i'll ask questions there too... so if you're not already following me, and would like to, clicky here for twitter.

Now for my haul video, it's just some things i got from Baker's... more like a lot of shoes and belts haha, and some other things, and stuffies from Charlotte Russe and Joyce Leslie (similar to Forever 21)

To see what I bought just watch the video below. If you want to see it bigger... clicky the youtube button at the bottom right of the video. 

Let me know if you guys like the haul videos and i'll be sure to make more!

I really have to use the bathroom but I need to finish typing this blog....
xoxo, Lina

Monday, July 11, 2011

Peppermint Ice Ice baby

It's summmeerr time! 
What better way to keep yourself cool than with an iced drink?
My choice of iced drink today was iced coffee!

So for those of you who don't know how to make it... well let me tell you how I make mine. 

- 2 teaspoons instant coffee granules
(for those of you not allowed to drink reg. coffee, buy decaf!)
- 1 teaspoon sugar
- 3 teaspoons warm water
or if you want foamy coffee... shake it up!

Then add lots of ice. And then fill up your cup with water... leaving enough room for milk or creamer (if that's what you like). I personally like creamer.... either French vanilla, hazelnut, or my newly discovered, peppermint mocha!
Did you all know they make this peppermint shninnanigins?! I had no idea til I was grocery shopping looking for my hazelnut. But now, i gots peppermint! YAY! I can enjoy peppermint all year long without it having to be Christmas season. Who said it has to be snowing outside to enjoy the peppermint flavors?

If you all love peppermint as much as I do, you'll be sure to also love these peppermint meringues!
Watch the video below and it'll teach you how to make them. 

The first one was a FAILED attempt, so watch the second one to find out how to actually make them, and succeed!

This is the GOOD one:

Peppermint goodies, 
xoxo, Lina

Saturday, July 9, 2011


So yeah you all know, my feet hate me and that they're extremely sensitive and only let me wear certain shoes. Even converse and my ed hardy sneakers hurt me in the back of my foot, which result in me having to always wear band-aids. 

Well hopefully no more! I've wanted Vans for a really long time (people have always said they are the most comfy).... but I wanted the zebra print ones.... which they dicontinued making... and that sucks. But they opened up a Vans store in the mall near me and I had t check it out. I really wanted hi tops, so I bought hi tops... and then there were these regular vans for $19.95! And so I had to get those too!

These are hot pink vans, and were only $19.95! Yes, i switch up my laces so they're staying black and white. But I ended up changing how I laced them, and I criss-crossed these instead, like you would normally lace sneakers. 

My checkered hi tops were $55.00 and these I wanted laced like this and left them like in the picture with hot pink and neon green laces! :]. yes, like a watermelon hehe

So far... BOTH of these vans have been extremely comfortable. Though i like the hi tops better just because i reallly really like hi tops! YAY!

First pairs of vans ever, 
xoxo, Lina

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

May & June favorites!

Wow, time really flies. Another two months has passed by and it was time to do a May & June favorites video! I actually really like this video... i'm not sure why. haha. But you guys can watch it too!

Also... let me know if you guys want to see the makeup look I have on in this video. Either comment here, or comment below the video itself and let me know! I'll do a tutorial if a lot of people want to see!

List of products mentioned:

1. Sally Hansen Salon Effects

2. Neon pink nail polish. 
(Mine is from sally's beauty supply in the color Fuschia Rage, but it could be any neon pink!)

3. Rimmel London white eyeliner
(mine is from CVS)

4. Rimmel London's Glame eyes lash flirt volume and lift mascara.
(also from CVS)

(mine is in the color Medium)

(i don't remember where i got mine, but i know you can get it at wal-mart)

8. Headband from NY&C
(couldn't even find a picture online so i don't know if they still have it)
great snapshot right?

9. Bracelet from NY&C
(i'm not sure if they still have them available because I don't see it on their website)

xoxo, Lina

Monday, July 4, 2011

Happy 4th of July!

Of coursey, you have got to go see fireworks on the 4th of July! I went to the golf club place where people pay $20,000 a year just for a membership. Well, I get in for free since I know the chef that works there and he gets an extra ticket every year and gives it to us, so that my sister and I, and anyone else that can fit in my car, can enjoy the high-class life of these people. But gosh, they dress so differently then we do! Men wear khaki shorts, a belt, and a tucked in polo. Women, well they just wear other things that are probably way out of my price range haha.

The only thing free there were the light up glowy sticks. Because even food and drinks you have to pay for and you can only get if you have a membership. And so i settled for the only free thing i could get. Well... that and fireworks.
Don't I look cute?! I tried to dress nice, because i can't exactly go there in my outrageous outfits. Everyone would know that i'm like from another planet. 

Here's some pictures I took of the fireworks that looked good on my phone. I didn't have my camera because my dad took it with him to Poland and won't be back til sunday night. So this is what I got:
Hope you guys can all enjoy the fireworks too from those that are posted on this blog, just in case you didn't get to go this year!

Happy 4th of July!

Light up thingies, and fireworks, 
xoxo, Lina

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Losing a loved one...

Losing someone you love is never easy. Whether you were close to them or not, it still has some sort of effect on you. You may spend your days crying, you may not want to leave the house... but we can't do that. and why? because Life doesn't stop for anybody, it won't wait for you. All you can do is just get back up again and run the race.

Yes I know it's hard. My grandpa died this morning at 5am, but my family didn't find out til about 12pm or so. And you know what's worse? I can't even go to the funeral because he lives in Poland. Since it was my grandpa from my dad's side, my dad is the only one going to Poland. Everything today was just so fast paced. So many phone calls, bad news, and things that needed to be taken care of. Packing, running errands for my dad for things he might need in Poland because well he left today. At 5:25pm he was already off to the airport.

Today was just an upsetting day. Family members crying, mommy crying, daddy trying to stay strong even though you could tell he was torn up inside. It was terrible... experiencing the death of a loved one is just terrible.

But we can't just sit here in our pajamas in bed all day long. We have to continue with our lives. The world doesn't stop because we're torn, the world goes on. All we can do is know that our loved ones are in heaven know, and will be okay up there and hope for the best. And all we can do is pray for them and forever keep them in our hearts.

Know that i'm here for each and every one of you that is currently experiencing the death of a loved one.

R.I.P Grandpa Leopold <3
May everyone else, also rest in peace.

xoxo, Lina

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Voguish hairstyle!

I am IN LOVE with this hairstyle. I absolutely fell in love when I was able to be my sister's model for this hair-do... and then later I just wanted to go to sleep in it and wake up with the same hair style. I seriously love it, AND i even did this myself the next day, sort of remembering how my sister did it on me!

It's pretty simple and looks super cute. Watch this video with my sister and I to see what it looks like , and to have a few laughs! Hope you all enjoy!

Oh and this video is on my sister's channel! So go subscribe for having awesome videos, or just
clicky here!

One of my favorite hairstyles,
xoxo, Lina

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