Sunday, July 31, 2011

Hair dye!

Just in case anyone wanted to know.... 
i thought i'd share with you all what hair dye I use now. 

U used to use revlon dark ash brown. but I will NEVER again get an "ash" color. those are the worst to get out of your hair if you don't want that color anymore. It took me 4 hours at the hair salon and $250. so yeah, never again!

now i use a natural color since i didn't want the orange in my hair anymore after i got it done at the hair salon. so this is what i use now. 
It's Clairol nice n easy in the color 116 (natural light neutral brown). They also have 116A, the colors are slightly different. But since the color runs out super fast at my CVS, i buy whichever one they have in stock at the time i need it. 

Just dyed my hair...because the sun is making my orange hair shine through
xoxo, Lina

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