Sunday, July 3, 2011

Losing a loved one...

Losing someone you love is never easy. Whether you were close to them or not, it still has some sort of effect on you. You may spend your days crying, you may not want to leave the house... but we can't do that. and why? because Life doesn't stop for anybody, it won't wait for you. All you can do is just get back up again and run the race.

Yes I know it's hard. My grandpa died this morning at 5am, but my family didn't find out til about 12pm or so. And you know what's worse? I can't even go to the funeral because he lives in Poland. Since it was my grandpa from my dad's side, my dad is the only one going to Poland. Everything today was just so fast paced. So many phone calls, bad news, and things that needed to be taken care of. Packing, running errands for my dad for things he might need in Poland because well he left today. At 5:25pm he was already off to the airport.

Today was just an upsetting day. Family members crying, mommy crying, daddy trying to stay strong even though you could tell he was torn up inside. It was terrible... experiencing the death of a loved one is just terrible.

But we can't just sit here in our pajamas in bed all day long. We have to continue with our lives. The world doesn't stop because we're torn, the world goes on. All we can do is know that our loved ones are in heaven know, and will be okay up there and hope for the best. And all we can do is pray for them and forever keep them in our hearts.

Know that i'm here for each and every one of you that is currently experiencing the death of a loved one.

R.I.P Grandpa Leopold <3
May everyone else, also rest in peace.

xoxo, Lina


  1. I am sorry for your loss. People say it gets better, when in reality it really doesn't. I lost my grandfather in April of this year. Sometimes I forget that he is no longer with us, I want to pick up the phone and call him, and that's when I remember that we said our goodbyes.
    One of the things which helped me to deal with the loss, was remembering the fun memories and the stories my grandpa told me. I don't know if your grandfather visited you, and if he didn't, try to remember the stories your father told you about him. It would put a smile on your face and make your whole day a lot better =]

  2. thanks so much for the advice! I didn't see my grandfather that often considering that i live in the states and he lived in Poland. It was more heartbreaking for me to see my dad torn apart, after all it was his father. It's sad just seeing people die altogether, people who others cared deeply about.

    i'm sorry for your loss too.
    hope you're doing okay now

    thank you :]


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