Saturday, July 16, 2011

My great adventure at Six Flags!

Some of knew that I was at Six Flags yesterday, and maybe some of you didn't. But now you all know!
I didn't have my camera or my phone on me til I got back in the car, but my friend did have her camera and we took a few pictures. We didn't take pictures of the roller-coasters or anything because well we were like running around the park back of forth, going on the rides we wanted to go on. 

We actually ended up going on A LOT of rides, and that's without the flash pass! It was a great day to go. It was a bit hot, but the lines weren't that long at all. The longest we waited was like 45 minutes and that was for the new ride, Green Lantern. We also went on Kingda Ka, El Toro, Batman, Dark night, Nitro, Medusa (now called bizzaro), Rolling Thunder, Superman, Runaway Train, and some other we came across... we went on a total of 15 rides, and left at like 7pm so we didn't even stay the whole time. 

Here's some pictures we did get to take...
 Above is my sister and I before we got into the park
 Above from left to right: Kaylee (our best friend), Me, Paulina (my sister). Taken at the water fountain at the entrance of six flags
 Then we all got capes, and decided to fly like Batman because we're cool. From Left to right: Me, Paulina, Kaylee
And then some beautiful scenery we saw on the car ride home

It was a super fun day, and we all totally wish we could replay it. Great memories that will stay with us forever. YAY!

Rollercoasters and killing feet, 
xoxo, Lina


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