Saturday, July 23, 2011

I know it's hot...

and we all just want to lay in bed, doing absolutely nothing! Just like me... BUT i'm going to try to be productive. 

My to do list:
- take the sheets off my bed, so mommy could wash them (because i don't really know how to do laundry.... is anyone else with me?)
- take all the recycling bottles to the recycling place and get 5 cents for each bottle. Yep, i'm going to be rich!
- make a video...(OOTS summer so its ready by Tuesday)
- study and do homework because I have an exam tuesday
- paint my nails, because i'm bored with this color.
- shower... again.... because i'm dying of sweat every time i walk outside
- find out my work schedule for the upcoming week (i worked like nonstop this week... and i just want to relax now)
- put away all these clothes in my room.
- got to CVS, buy hair dye, and dye my hair, because my roots are showing.
- wash my car again even though I washed it a week ago
- buy shatter nail polish for one of the girls i babysit

Out of all those things, i'm going to get like 3 things done. But, hey it's better than nothing!

Off to tackle my to do list, 
xoxo, Lina

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