Sunday, July 17, 2011

6 hours of hard labor

I'm not sure if i'll have a video up by tuesday. I cleaned my car today... took 6 hours leaving me with no time to make my video. And I work hardcore this week so i honestly don't know when i'll have time to make a new video. It suckies. Because when I get home from school, i have like 20 minutes, and then i have to get ready and go to work. That's my life. 

But never again, do i want to clean my car for six hours. Had to hose it does first and get rid of dirt that would wash off. then use the car wash cleaner and scrub your car down. then hose that off. and make sure you got everything. let that dry, then prewax you car, and buff that, seal, and buff that, wax, and buff that. then you had to clean the leather interior, and then condition it, Clean the windows, we windexed them, (just not from the inside yet because the tints are still very new), vacuumed the car, then cleaned the rims, and conditioned that. It was such a very long process, and i was dying form the heat!

But, all that hard work made my car look super sexy!
Look how shiny it is, and how the tints make my car look so shmexy, and the rims, how clean they are!

But next time, I think I rather pay someone to do some detailed cleaning on my car. That work was intense!

Clean cars,
xoxo, Lina

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