Saturday, July 9, 2011


So yeah you all know, my feet hate me and that they're extremely sensitive and only let me wear certain shoes. Even converse and my ed hardy sneakers hurt me in the back of my foot, which result in me having to always wear band-aids. 

Well hopefully no more! I've wanted Vans for a really long time (people have always said they are the most comfy).... but I wanted the zebra print ones.... which they dicontinued making... and that sucks. But they opened up a Vans store in the mall near me and I had t check it out. I really wanted hi tops, so I bought hi tops... and then there were these regular vans for $19.95! And so I had to get those too!

These are hot pink vans, and were only $19.95! Yes, i switch up my laces so they're staying black and white. But I ended up changing how I laced them, and I criss-crossed these instead, like you would normally lace sneakers. 

My checkered hi tops were $55.00 and these I wanted laced like this and left them like in the picture with hot pink and neon green laces! :]. yes, like a watermelon hehe

So far... BOTH of these vans have been extremely comfortable. Though i like the hi tops better just because i reallly really like hi tops! YAY!

First pairs of vans ever, 
xoxo, Lina

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