Monday, July 18, 2011

Best smell ever!

You all may think i'm nuts and have completely gone bonanzas, but i don't care because I'm going to share this with you all anyway!

For the past 3 years I've LOVED the smell of Fierce cologne from Abercrombie. My ex-boyfriend used to wear it and I just fell in love with the smell. Then we broke up and blah blah i couldn't be around the smell for a while so i have time to get over him. 3 years later... i still love the smell, and was able to finally bring myself to buy the cologne. I have worn it before and some woman came up to me and said 
woman: "i love your perfume, where's it from?"
i said: "umm, well it's actually cologne, it's called fierce from abercrombie"
woman said: "wow doesn't even smell like a men's cologne, it just smells so good"

the point here is that it doesn't matter if something is actually made for another gender. If you like it, then wear it! I actually just had my brother's friend tell me that he has friends who wear girl's perfume because they like the more delicate smell then the harsh smells cologne tends to have. 

I remember I used to walk by Abercrombie, walk in, spray myself with fierce and walk out. It's a bit on the expensive side so i tried to save money by just spraying myself with it while i was at the mall. But I just needed to buy it, it was about time!

In New York where I live, it's $44 for the small bottle, and $54 for the big one. I figured the big one is a lot bigger so I might as well just get the bigger one for an extra 10 bucks. 

Quote of the day made up by me, or saying rather:
Don't be afraid to shy away from the norm. 

Men's cologne, 
xoxo, Lina

I currently smell so deliciouuuss!! (yes, I am wearing the fierce cologne)


  1. I know exactly what you mean, I love this scent too! I love the Hollister one and I spray it in my closet practically every day!

  2. Hollister one is okay. i just love the abercrombie one! haha oh man, you spray it in your closet?! haha well, i don't think i'm that addicted but i think my clothes will start to have that abercrombie scent if i keep spraying it!

  3. lol don't worry! I have friends who do the same exact thing! so you aren't strange! :)


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