Thursday, February 16, 2012

My view from my dorm room!

So as most of you know, or all of you really should know from my facebook, or twitter... that i moved into a dorm room from my school. I was sooo soo so happy!

And I'm finally all moved in, there's just things I need to get here and there, and decorate some more since I might end up living here for a year and a half! (Now that would be UH-MAY-ZING!, like a dream come true!) 

So the day I moved in.. my sister slept over and well one of the bathrooms on the main floor was so pretty I needed to take a picture!
So that's my sister and I just chilling in some lazy clothes. We needed to carry Lots and lots of suitcases, a mini refrigerator, some dressers that I already had filled with stuff so I had less to unpack later and stuff, and everything was just SOOO HEAVY! so yeah we needed to wear comfy clothes for this stuffies!

Now here is my view from my room :D I just love being in the city!
Isn't it bee-yooh-tiful!!!

Gosh, I just love the city so much. I figured it was better I dorm now then maybe later when I grow up and I don't have money to live here! At least dorming is cheaper than living in an apartment! I'm just thankful I live in New York, i'm so lucky!

Just thought i'd share this with you guys, i hope this beautiful view can brighten up someone's day!

I love you all, 
xoxo, Lina

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