Tuesday, January 31, 2012

I'm a big kid now.... meow?

This is my new toothbrush. I had to get rid of the other 4 i had because mommy didn't like so many of my toothbrushes in the bathroom. I mean who has 4 toothbrushes anyway? I don't even know why I had so many... I just kept getting one every time I slept over my friend's house and forgot mine from home... 

But here is my new one that my mommy bought for me from the dollar store!
It's so cute! And it comes with that cap to put on the bristles and ahh i lovey it!
It was actually made for little kids... but i don't care because it's super soft and i love brushing my teeth with it. 

How come they don't make cute toothbrushes for BIG kids like me? Instead they make boring ol ugly toothbrushes. 

I'm a BIG kid now, 
xoxo, Lina


  1. My daughter has a Hello Kitty tooth brush too. Well, she's into everything Hello Kitty. Hehehe. I bet brushing would be a lot more fun if you like your tooth brush. I do hope they make big girl tooth brushes too. My teenager would love that.

    1. I found this adult hello kitty toothbrush! http://www.hellokitty4u.com/accessories/hello-kitty-toothbrush-adult-size-black-782-93-1047.php


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