Thursday, January 26, 2012

8 years ago...

I got a baby bearded dragon lizard and she was only 2 weeks old, I named her Ginger.
She was so adorable and I loved her so much. 

I used to take her out on walks (yes, she had a leash) and she would run SOOO fast i couldn't catch up with her. 

When she was a baby she also tried to bite the green shirt I was wearing because she thought it was lettuce ;)

She would stand up on her two feet, she would climb my shoulder, and she would lick me with her sticky tongue. 

8 years ago... I also was 12/13 and I looked like this. Not so pretty I know. I was chubbier, i looked young still, very young. I didn't wear makeup, i was just there.

Bute 8 years ago, my baby would stand up on my hands, she was my life, my baby.

MONTHS ago, my baby was sleeping on her back. She was adorable. 
(no, she wasn't dead)

But last night, on January 25, 2012, Ginger said goodbye. And I can't even type this post without crying. 

I buried her last night, put her in a box, dug a hole in the ground and buried her. Mommy helped, and we cried together, 

My room now looks so empty where the cage used to be. 

I love you Ginger, always and forever. 
And I'm truly sorry for being a bad mother as I grew older.
I still love you though, and I already miss you. 

RIP Ginger

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  1. thats soo sad. sorry for your loss..:(


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