Saturday, January 14, 2012

A day at work!

For those of you that do not know where I work.... well I'll tell you. I work at Pandora Jewelry. I don't know if this pandora thing is popular in anywhere that not the US... but yea...

I don't own any of this jewelry.. I just wear it while i'm at work. We actually have to wear 3 different pieces of jewelry at work..

So the first thing I was wearing... that I fell in love with actually and needed to order for myself from another store to transfer to my store so I can buy it and wear it on my ring finger, is this smoked quartz ring. I just love this ring, i think it's beautiful. AND i also just love rings... if only you guys saw how many rings I won.... So that's a real smoked quartz stone, sterling silver ring, with some 14K gold touches to it on the sides. Isn't it pwetty?!

Then I was wearing a pandora bracelet with purple charms and two-tone charms (which are sterling silver and 14K gold on every charm)... two-tone charms are my favorite!

Then I was also wearing a leather bracelet with one charm... that said 2011 on it...

And here you can see I had a matching charm on my bracelet that matched the ring above! It's the dangle smoked quartz charm, and I love that one too!

 And here is a picture, that combines  3 of those above pictures and makes it look all super pretty...
It was also posted on Instagram
Instagram username: linamariax3

So... do any of you have a pandora bracelet? A pandora ring? Pandora earrings? necklace?

Or maybe you've never heard of Pandora... 

let me know!

Full of pandora jewelry...
xoxo, Lina


  1. I have a silver pandora bracelette! My aunt got it for my sweet 16 a few yrs ago... but i ony have 2 charms because they r so expensive! I have a 16 charm and a panda charm :)

  2. yeah they are expensive, but ive noticed almost all charms no matter where you go are around the same price whether its pandora or not

  3. i want the 21 charm for when i turn 21! :D


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