Saturday, January 7, 2012

My not-so-glamorous weekend

Weekends are like the only few days during the week that I SOMETIMES have time to get things done. Especially now with no school, I have time to clean, clean, and clean some more. I have time to film and edit videos. I have time to clean my makeup brushes. I have time to go grocery shopping. I have time to make myself a sandwich and a drink...And I have time to depot eyeshadows.

Isn't that FUN STUFF?

This was my grocery shopping... it's a lil funny how today my dad, my brother, and I were all at the SAME grocery store... but neither of us knew the other was going... well actually I knew my dad was going.And it's a lil strange how the only reason I was at the grocery store was to add some stuff to my dad's shopping cart, and buy some stuff for my brother and his friend such as a watermelon.... AND i only took this picture because I didn't know how big my brother wanted the watermelon. LOL

When I get hungry... I make myself a sandwich. I actually wanted a wrap... but of course there were no tortillas.

Then with that watermelon, some cranberry juice, cherries, blueberries, pina colada mix, and vodka... my brother's friend made drinks..... i had to add pina colada mix to mine otherwise it was so gross!

Then... while I'm under the influence of alcohol and I'm not driving anywhere because I DO NOT DRINK & DRIVE, I clean my makeup brushes. This is just my first set.... and in the mean time while those dry for 48 hours, i use my other set of makeup brushes. And rotate every week (or at least try to... it's another new year's resolution)

Then while makeup brushes are drying, i depot eyeshadows. And NYX eyeshadows take FOREVER to depot. Some are harder to do and others, Some crack and break and I get mad and just throw them out and yeah....

And now you're probably wondering... or probably not wondering at all but I think you're wondering... why half of these pictures look edited. Probably thinking if I have time to edit all these photos... well no, not exactly. Half these photos I posted previously on Instagram, and for those of you that follow me there would know that :D

For those of you that don't know what Instagram is... it's like tumblr but on an iphone.... And i do not know if other phones have that app. AND if you want to follow me.. 
my name on Instagram is linamariax3

Was your weekend any better than mine?
Maybe you actually went out and hung out with people....

My not-so-glamorous weekend, 
xoxo, Lina Bina

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