Saturday, March 24, 2012

Food coma with my sister!

My sister went to IHOP today. I didn't really feel like making french toast or pancakes myself... so might as well go to IHOP and have someone else make food for me right?!

This is... being... cute? haha. I wanted to take a picture but sitting across the table from each other with no one else to take a picture for us was hard. So my hady dandy iphone shot the picture!

 First up: our drinks. 
The one on the top is a caramel hot chocolate. 
and the one on the bottom is a maple spice coffee (this one was mine and it was so delicious!)

Then I was being a creeper and took this picture of my sister drinking her hot chocolate. She didn't even know I took this piccay!

My sister's fruit. All she kept saying is "I want a side of fruit" . and now she has it!

 We look like fat-a**es. 

 My omelette. That was so amazingly delicious! I wish they would give me a recipe so i could try to attempt making it at home. 

It was a steak omelette with cheese, hash browns, mushrooms, tomatoes. and idk what else but it was just so good!

And now the New York strawberry cheesecake pancakes. I had to try them... i mean it said they're "NY". i couldn't resist the temptaion. They were amazing too and I loved the cheesecake pieces in my pancakes!

 My sister's pancakes. she just got some o'l plain boring buttermilk ones. Not as fun as mine!

My sister's omelette with lots of cheese, tomatoes and spinach. Her omelette is like a baby compared to mine! Mine was like HUGE!

 Then I smiled, didn't say cheese and sister took a picture!

And this is what my sister looks like on the other end with her food in front of her!

We had so much fun at IHOP. 

Later some guys came in and sat behind us. My sister said to me "the people behind us are so funny"
and of course I'm going to ask why and ask what they said. 
My sister tells me they said "which coffee are you getting?" and she said it was hilarious. 
I stared at her and said "yes, that was very funny"
and she started cracking up!

hahahah yeah i don't even know how that was funny either...

Cheesecake pancakes and giant omelettes,
xoxo, Lina

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