Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Paper straws!

Hello loveycakes...

I'm going green. Well.... not really. I bought paper straws as you have probably already guessed from the title of this blog post, and I got a pack for $1 at target in the $1 section! I LOVE TARGET! Besides that, I thought i'd switch over to paper. I'm always buying plastic straws that are just not good for your health! So as much as i'd like to think i bought them because they are better for the environment, I didn't. I bought them for my health but that's equally as important right?

And they're just the cutest straws ever!

In the picture below you can see I have red striped, and pink striped paper straws. To the right in the picture I have a few stainless steel straws. I like those straws, and they're reusable, but not the best for cold drinks. The straw gets so much colder, making your lips feel so cold from your cold drink. Then in the back of the picture you can see I have two plastic straws. And i don't use those that much, I just have them because they came with my GIANT mason jars to drink from, and the other straws are kinda too small for the mason jars. So those tall plastic ones have to stay for now til i find extra long paper straws. 

And this was my green smoothie drinking from my first ever paper straw! Yes, it looks adorable I know. 

So i've pretty much tried to cut out as much plastic from my life as possible. I no longer drink water from bottles, so no poland spring for me. If I want to bring water with me, I use my Klean Kanteen. For coffee and tea on the go I use my $1 Starbacks reusable cups because they have a #5 recycle code, and that is SAFE for us to use. The plastic will not leech into your drink. Straws don't have plastic recycle codes, so just that tells us its bad. So I have cut out as much harmful plastic from my life that I can handle for now. I mean buying milk, to transfer into a glass container is such a pain in my butt. Because milk in glass containers leaves lines on the sides, and they're super hard to wash out. So I haven't quite done that yet. But I have been buying organic milk! 

Anyways I hope you all enjoyed this post on paper straws. They're so pretty looking and healthy. Though they're more like of a one time use only straw. But still awesome because they're sold at the $1 section at Target :D

Being Healthy (or trying to)
- Karolina

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  1. These are so cute! Too bad we don't have them in Argentina :(


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