Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Got my hair done by a 9-year old!

I was babysitting the other night, 2 girls ages 5 and 9, and a almost 12 year old boy. The 9 year old I only have for a couple of hours before she was off to a sleepover. 

So while the boy was playing video games, I was painting the 5 year old's nails, and the 9 year old was doing my hair. And I have to say I was VERY impressed, she did pigtails, and then 2 fishtail braids. 

And let me tell you something….

is that sad? The 9 year old said she would teach me the next time i'm babysitting over there again. I'll be learning how to do my hair from a 9 year old. Like I said i was impressed because it looked great! This was my hair…
She first tied the two braids together when she was done… but then decided she wanted the blue scrunchy haha. and ends dup taking it out… but doesn't my hair look amazing?

And this is my hair from the from view and the fishtail braids at my sides!

I kept that hair for the rest of the night and half of the next day! I even went to CVS looking like that! I wanted to sleep in the braids so my hair could be wavy the next morning :D

Then when the 9 year old went to her sleepover, and after the 5 year old girl, and the almost 12 year old boy played basketball outside… then we did some origami!

And i made this pretty star :D

Yes, that takes some skill! Haha not really… it was just folding and cutting paper…. and reading directions!

Anyways that was my babysitting night. Hope you liked this post!

Until next time!

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