Thursday, December 16, 2010

BAKING peppermint meringues!

Well as most of you should know... I was baking peppermint meringues as a Christmas special this holiday season. BUT... I failed baking it the first time! the second time around, they actually looked good and tasted great! Thing is though, you can't give up when something doesn't work out. You keep going and you try again until you get it right! If i gave up.. there wouldn't have been a "good" baking video and then what would you guys bake for your holiday!?

Hope you guys will enjoy the videos!!

Here's the FAILED baking one, but it's SUPER FUNNY! where your flat peppermint meringues will look like this:

And here's the "good" baking one, where your peppermint meringues will look oh so very delicious!!

Happy Holidays!!

Minty fresh breath everywhere,
xoxo Lina

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