Saturday, December 11, 2010

And the winner is....

As all of you know (or should know), I was holding a contest for the past 2 weeks as a THANK YOU for helping me reach 1,000 subscribers!!! YAY! you all have been so very supportive and i just want to say, thank you so much. 

So who is the lucky winner of this palette?

It is:


now, you have 24 hours to contact me, otherwise a new winner will be chosen because that's only fair to the people that actually visit my channel and read my blog!
Clock starts ticking now.

Remember if you didn't win, that DOES NOT make you a loser! This was sort of like gambling but not really because you had nothing to lose! I will be having more contests! Once I reach 2,500 subscribers I'll give out another prize, and the 5,000 and so on. Look out for random contests too, because i'm thinking of just having random ones here and there! YAY! you'll have more chances to win!

Clock is ticking,

P.S. Just so everyone knows, I made the contest fair in that I only counted each person's comment once!!  That way everyone had an equal chance of winning. However in future contests, you guys will be able to comment as many times as you want!

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