Sunday, January 9, 2011

Be creative!

Since I have a hard time finding things i REALLY like, i'm inspired to make my own. I've been searching for a really amazing cuff bracelet for the longest time, but none of them were worth $30. They weren't that pretty! SO i was inspired to make my own!! :D
I took a trip to Michael's today, the craft store. I got the jewels... and some fabric glue. The fabric itself, was a legwarmer. i lost the other one so i figured i'd use the one i had left to make something! and underneath all of that, is one of those dunkin donuts cup holder thingies out of cardboard. Sounds weird right? But it works! and It's like recycling, since i'm reusing things and making them pretty!

Hope you guys are inspired to be creative. And if you think you aren't created or aren't talented, well i used to think that too. I used to think my sister was the creative one in the family and that i was just the freak who liked math haha. BUT, ever since i started my youtube channel, i just feel creative. I'm inspired to make things my own, to do things my way. I guess it's about time my creativity came out!

So good luck to you all! Hope you're inspired to make something cute!
xoxo Lina <3

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