Sunday, January 30, 2011

The day of the neverending snowstorm!

My sister and I had a hair appointment at the hair salon on Jan. 27. Since the school semester started up again Jan. 28, we wanted to get everything done before school. So we had the appointment made like a month ahead of time because they were fully booked.

So it was the day of the snowstorm. My parents wouldn't let me drive because they said the streets were really bad, so our daddy drove us to the mall. This is what the streets looked like on the way there...
I didn't think it was too bad, until we drove further down and ended up getting STUCK in the snow. and had to PUSH the car out. My car doesn't have four wheel drive... it just has front wheel drive. I don't even know why we took my car instead of taking my moms which has four wheel drive. 

SO we got stuck in the snow. My sister and I had to push the car forward. We couldn't go froward or backwards without pushing it. But if we went backwards we'd end up on the main street again and get run over. haha not really because everyone was driving super slow. But still. had to push the car forward. Later my dad switched with me and had me go in the car and press the gas while he and my sister pushed. By turning the wheels a certain way we were able to go forward into someones driveway, and then i directed my dad out telling him when he could go while no cars were going on the mainstreet. He couldn't stop or we'd get stuck again so I had to run into my car while it was moving. It was actually kinda fun. !

We eventually reached the mall, only to find out the hair salon was CLOSED. No one bothered to call us, And the mall was also like empty. There was one person like a mile away!

We later went to Home Depot to pick out a paint color for the walls in the kitchen. My sister and I picked out a tropical coral. It's a pinkish orange and it's really bright. my dad said okay. AND when we got home, my mom hated it. She complains about the color every day now. But everyone else likes it so oh well. 

We also went to target because my dad had to return sometthing. And they wouldn't let him return it. They were very mean. 

Wal-mart was fun too ... except that i couldn't find justin bieber's nail collection by OPI. they were all sold out. and i just wanted to see the colors.

Hmm what else. Guess there's not much else. 

But here's a LESSON for the day.
DON'T GO OUT IN A SNOWSTORM WITHOUT A FOUR WHEEL DRIVE CAR! and if you do, well there's probably some other fun adventures to come!

piles of snow,
xoxo Lina

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