Thursday, January 6, 2011

Animal print keyboard!

As many of you should already know, i'm all for cutesy things! Everything from cupcakes, to pooh bear, and to animal prints!!

I like decorating everything and making it cute! Which is why i drew on my laptop case! Yes guys, i drew that on with a sharpie marker, and went over it with clear nail polish!

Anyways so to match my awesome case, i got awesome zebra print stickers to put on my keyboard! (they're not made for macs, but as you can see, i made it work!)
And since i get bored of things from time to time, and because the zebra keyboard started to wear off a little bit, i decided to get a new one! (and also because my case cracked). and i don't like when things are like broken, so i just get new ones. So now I got a cheetah print keyboard, and i'm just waiting for my red case to come in the mail! I put more stickers on this one, just cut out some that i wasn't going to use and made them blank ones for the "fn" key because there was none. 

If you guys want cute and awesome keyboards too (they also have many more other designs you can choose from), you can get them at this website for only $10!
and if that link doesn't work, just go here:
Just so you guys know, i don't get paid by them or anything to put this on my blog, i just really like it and want to share this with you guys! And for those of you that may ask, I did get this idea from Kandee Johnson, otherwise i never would have known keyboard stickers exist!!

Stickers all over, 
xoxo Lina


  1. Hey I was just wondering are you able to pull the stickers off without them making your keys all sticky ?. I am looking at buying them but I dont want them to be a permanent thing just incase down the track I dont want to use them! :)

  2. i use goo-gone to help get the stickiness off. i just put it on a cotton ball and rub it on my keys. then with a wet paper towel, rub over my keys so they're not oily :D


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