Wednesday, January 12, 2011


So while I was unshoveling my car today because of the large amounts of snow we got last night, this guy walked over to my sister and I. We both know him from a previous job we had and well he told us about this website called Zazzle. I googled it when I got home, and I found it to be so cool!

You can create your own items and then either purchase them, or put them up for other people to purchase them. You can add text, and pictures, and personalize them! I think it's so cool! 

SO I made a mug! I think i'll be buying myself one since i've wanted a cute and inspirational one forever, and now you guys can have one too!!

This is what it looks like from 3 different angles:

Anyways so if you guys would like to buy one just visit my online store!

I only made one thing so far, which is just that mug, but i might just make more things in the future!

xoxo Lina

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