Thursday, January 20, 2011

Haven't blogged in a while...

I went shopping AGAIN today!

Thought I'd share this picture with you. People, i mean parents and kids actually ride these things...around in a circle. I wish i could ride that, but i'm sure none of my friends would go on it with me. I would have loved a picture on one!
Anyways I had fun in the mall, I bought lots of things. I bought THREE gifts that i'll be giving away in my next contest. I spent $50 on you guys! so i haven't decided if it'll be international or what, and maybe i'll have the first person pick what they want, and then the second person will pick and yeah. but there will be 3 winners. 

Anyways, i also bought myself some lace-up boots. They are from the shoe store Baker's and they're all leather, which means i'll probably have them forever! i've been looking for boots like these for ages and i finally found a pair i really liked!
Then of course, I had to take a picture in the mirror for you guys, to show you what i look like when i go shopping. Yes, i get all glammed up. And by the way, i really suck at taking mirror pictures, they always come out blurry. I should just have someone take a picture of me next time. 
And by the way, i just bought that hat today at Hot topic! Just letting you all know just in case you want one too!!

And then It was like 8p.m. So I left my house around 12:30ish in the afternoon... I was very HUNGRY! so we went to burger king. Haha, i know so healthy! And when you go to burger king, you have got to wear the crown. Come on "Burger King, have it your way" !
Then I found a hair in my burger... -_- but then they gave me a new one and asked if i wanted anything else. but i just thanked them for the new burger. and they apologized a zillion times and i told them it was okay. They were really nice about it, and that;s probably because i wasn't like "B**** there's a f****** hair in my burger". I just told them politely. You get a lot more accomplished when you're polite!!

Gifts and prizes, 
xoxo Lina

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