Saturday, January 15, 2011

I never understood...

I never understood why everyone likes watching the "what's in my purse video". And i still don't understand what's so interesting about it. I don't know why someone would want to know what's in someone else's purse. 

When i first started my youtube channel, i told myself that my first video will not be a "what's in your purse" video. EVERYONE has that as their first video, i don't understand why. I wasn't even going to make one at all, unless it was requested. Little did I know that i'd get a zillion messages asking me to do that video. I had no choice but to make that video. Hehe.

SO here it is:

But if you guys could be so kind to comment below, and let me know what's so interesting about these videos, it'd be greatly appreciated, and maybe i'll actually be able to understand why people like this video.

Lots of junk,
xoxo Lina


  1. First off, sorry if this is random, but I love your blog lol
    Second, I am with you on that, I really don't know what is so interesting about it. However, I do love the fact that you have a lot of cheetah print items lol

    Your personality shows a lot in this video too haha

  2. Aww thanks so much!!! I'm glad to know at least someone reads my blog!!! =) that makes me happy!


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